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It's all bullshit, there is no opioid epidemic of the pharmaceutical nature.

Nearly all the people that have died have died from Fentanyl, which is coming over from Mexico and being pressed into fake pills and mixed with all kinds of drugs improperly. Yes, maybe people are using big pharma pills, but they aren't dying to them.


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China is a huge Fentanyl manufacturerfrom what I read in the MSM a year or two ago. Heroin is what pot farmers in Mexico have shifted to growing now that weed's legal in so many states in the U.S. There's also that wonderful place named Afghanistan that now supplies 90% of the world's opium that, of course, makes its way everywhere. I can't imagine the CIA have their hands in that cookie jar. It would be so... atypical of them to do that sort of thing.


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33 Pounds of Fentynal just got intercepted from Mexico.. I dont think you got your sources right. Even if China was manufacturing it, it's still the cartels smuggling it in.


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https://archive.fo/EISDK :

The pharma billionaires whose family company created the opioid epidemic are disintegrating into a bickering mess / Boing Boing

'Shortly after Arthur’s death, his estate sold his stock options on a third of Purdue for $22.4m to Mortimer and Raymond, who controlled the company. '

'Meet the Sacklers: the family feuding over blame for the opioid crisis [Joanna Walters/The Guardian]'

'The Sacklers are your basic Koch-style family of evil billionaires, handing out charitable grants with one hand, and using the other hand to secretly fund initiatives to kill public education. '

'Meanwhile, class action lawyers are working overtime to pierce the corporate veil and make the Sacklers personally responsible for the death and devastation that created and fattened their fortunes. '

'She said that the other branches of the family “have a moral duty to help make this right and to atone for any mistakes made” in relation to the opioid crisis. '

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