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I think the big takeaway here is that the gunman fucking escaped by blending in with the evacuating students. He's still on the loose.

Authorities do have this picture of the suspect, so if you know something, say something.

Edit: They caught him!

Police report the shooter's name is "Samir al-Hajeed" and he appears to be a White muslim.

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How does he keep getting away with it!? Absolute madman.

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Bullshit. They said his name is Nikolas Cruz

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Get in on the jokes or go back to reddit faggot.

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Oh so he's white Hispanic?

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I did not know Adam "Race" Warski is blonde.

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The shooter is a ginger, from what that article says.

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Pretty sure that's totally Mark Zuckerberg!

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Gun Free Zone

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Shootings can't happen in a gun free zone, this is fake news.

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Nicolas de Jesus Cruz

Also immigrants are peaceful and not at all dangerous. Fake news confirmed.

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Gun Free Zones clearly aren't enough.

I realize it's a desperate measure, but we should definitely resort to drastic ones.

It's... it's time to... ban crime.

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Perhaps 'Ammo Free' zones instead. Yeah that'll work!

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Does gasoline qualify as "ammunition"? I always thought of it more as a "fuel".

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this is a false flag, no doubt. a ROTC member shoots up a school on the same day Trump has cameras in a meeting where republicans and democrats BEG Trump to stop his America First initiative to try to create more manufacturing jobs. false flag 1000%!!!!!!!!!! fucking deep state faggots!!!!!!

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I'll fix your last sentence.

Fucking jews!!!!!

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I'll see your hypothesis and raise you the autopsy results of Stephen Paddock.

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Pft. I re-raise you Ted Kaczynski's transcripts.

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I don't think that's it.

I think for the next couple of months, every time a mass shooting is in debate, the cattle will come back to the "biggest mass shooting in the history of america" and start wondering why there are no footage at all of the incident or the days prior and why nothing came out of it even months later.

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You make a compelling point

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I found a few news clips of teachers/parents mentioning that there was supposed to be a fire drill and an armed shooter drill that day.......funny how the universe works.

https://youtu.be/D7plDibrP1U?list=PL-Oxv9jLZTp22VVSQAbOIc6cEBUvE4y1U&t=256 https://youtu.be/kID2eHZP4K0?list=PL-Oxv9jLZTp22VVSQAbOIc6cEBUvE4y1U&t=103

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Can you explain to me why having an event evolve out of a drill would be a beneficial strategy for perpetrating a "false flag" attack?

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Suspect name: Nicolas de Jesus Cruz

lmao its a beta wetback

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says 50 injured

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Injuries are casualties, but its not as eye grabbing, I guess. More click bait.

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Calling out click bait title for what it is gets you downvoats? Half maybe more of America doesn't even know what a casualty is... of course it's done like that on purpose.

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Those comments are hilarious. Britbongs are such spineless faggots.

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was going to say the same thing, "Sadly the US is in denial about guns. Constitutional right? Whatever, people are DYING". Reflect on where your own country is at then ask yourself why did you give yours away :D. And the other comments blaming white people, Cruz fairly certain is Spanish in origin, but i guess the crime stats count that as white.

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"...people are DYING."

Oh no, a dozen people died in a country of 350 million. Certainly worth giving up our greatest deterrent against (((government))) aggression.

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If you go to an absolute trash newspaper like Daily Mail, you're likely to also find trash readers and trash commenters.

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In before Chuck and Nancy politicize it.

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https://archive.fo/eurDx :

Florida school shooting leaves multiple victims injured | Daily Mail Online

'Three students are dead and at least 50 have been injured in a mass shooting at aFlorida high school where the gunman remains at large. '

'Coral Springs police have advised people to avoid the neighborhood while the active shooter situation is underway. ', "Police have surrounded Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where the 'heavily armed' shooter, wearing a gas mask, opened fire with a 'long' gun at just after 2pm.", "White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters said in a statement

'The president has been made aware of the school shooting in Florida."

'Cops confirm it remains an active shooter situation although there are reports that a student was seen fighting with the gunman in a classroom. '

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