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Why bailouts? Let them fail. Let capitalism take over and adjust the size of that market.

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Eventually economic reality will kick in.

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Snowflakes lactose intolerant and not buying milk...over supply....

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It is probably less about special snowflakes and more about how documentaries have pulled back curtain on the dairy industry. People now know that there is an FDA acceptable limit of parts per million of puss. I do not know about you but I do not want to drink puss, or blood. I think as more people become more acquainted with where their food comes from people will make different choices and create a market shift. I am not thinking that everyone will be a vegan, but people like the idea of going to that small farmer and seeing happy little chickens before they eat them as opposed to a giant, dirty, disease infested chicken barn.

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The worst part about that pus thing is pus wouldn't be such a huge issue if they were allowed to medically treat sick animals and still use them. People are very upset about the hormones and chemicals in their meat, eggs, and dairy, but don't realize that a lot of those 'dangerous chemicals' are given to the animals in the form of antibiotics and other medical treatments.

I want people to become more aware of their food, where it comes from, and how they could help. I think the world would be a happier place if people had to do more labor with ACTUAL rewards that others could see, like happy cows and chickens. It makes life more rewarding.

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So, no one's buying milk now? I say BS

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less people are buying dairy products.

Generation Z consumes 550% more plant-based milk than Generation X.

12% of millennials, 4% of Gen X and 1% of boomers are avoiding animal products