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Holy fuck this is satisfying to watch. Antifags will shrink back into the foreskin overnight with a couple more encounters like this. Nice work.

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Honestly, for propaganda purposes I hope they don't for the time being. I hope antifa keep doubling down and go absolutely bonkers, as such we will see greater and greater right-wing reaction, both socio-politically and when it comes time for people to get out and actually vote.

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^^^^this guy gets it^^^^

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I'm all for speeding it along with false flags, unfortunately I'd never pass for antifa because I'm a standard sized adult male, not a scrawny little faggot or 400 pound tranny

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They're doing a great job of it. lol

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@41 seconds that was the worst punch imaginable. What the fuck is wrong with a grown man that he throws a punch like that? Do you have to suck dick and drink estrogen to be in Antifa?

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Holy fuck this is satisfying to watch

Except they let them go. Not a single one of them was beaten unconscious. Or de-masked and photographed. It did look like it would be satisfying, but turned into a cuckfest.

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They are literally dressing up like ISIS terrorists.

Wtf is American soldiers doing in the middle east when enemy combatants are loitering America?

[–] Ocelot 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

Fighting for the kikes.

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Fuckin hilarious. It wasn't just one of them either, they all instantly did a 180 in and started playing the victim. They need a few more years in Jewish boot camp.

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Somewhere, a Rabbi is watching this, shaking his head.

"What a shame... Why did these antifa youths not cry out in pain when they struck at their fellow goyim? Such promise they had!"

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People should not be violating others. Once they have, they should not be tolerated.

I'll never understand why these violent masked thugs are allowed to get away with attacking people without at least an attempt at removing their masks.

Start getting domestic terrorists' faces in the videos so that in a less corrupt period, they can be held accountable, & serve as an example of what not to do in the future.

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Satisfying as it is, I would agree that removing masks would be more effective than hitting them. The 'black block' technique which allows an attacker to attack anonymously is a recipe for escalating violence. Humiliating them by inflicting 'wedgies' is also an effective measure: http://conservative-headlines.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Antifa-Wedgie.jpg

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I never really noticed how gay giving wedgies is until this picture.

Edit: I mean he could have just unmasked the faggot but he chose to shove his fingers down his underwear...

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Why not beat the shit out of the scrawny fucks and THEN show their faces on camera?

Double satisfaction.

And then kick their ass again. Because why not?

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First, get a picture of their face uninjured because that's good for finding out their identity

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Communists by nature violate the NAP. Anyone who violates the NAP is no longer human. Therefore, it’s not murder.

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next time punch the chirping bitch as soon as she opens her mouth.

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Moldylocks her on her ass.

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Antifa before a fight: "Fuck the police!"

Antifa after losing a fight: "Call the authorities!"

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Yank the masks off of these commie fucks ON CAMERA, and see how fast they scurry away like cockroaches from a flashlight.

Also, people need to be recording at 60fps if they wanna do nice 1/2 speed shots.

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once that little pepper spraying bitch was on the ground they should of sprayed the bitch in the face point blank

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with piss

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*up the nostrils

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Goddamn I thought the fight was pretty tame until 55 seconds in when that chick gets her entire world rotated 90 degrees

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