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30 yr old asian*

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Good point. Not all Muslims are Arabs. This shit has infected many races.

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I like how the carefully omit the fact the 29 year old male is a shit skin nigger.

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29 year old teenager who attends Baguette High

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French women are too stupid to figure out that this is their future.

11 years old? No problem, you are an adult fully capable of consenting to coerced sex with a Muslim man.

Cue the marriages to 6 year olds and the burkha shops all over Paris.

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But you can't stick it in a 6 year old, wife or not. That's Haram.

You have to thigh-fuck the kid until she's 9, then it's Halal.

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French women dont have a problem with degeneracy. The legal age of consent in France is 15. Combine this with a mudslime invasion and you have a huge disaster. Not that mudslimes obey the law. Population replacement.

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Yeah the French are extremely perverted and probably the most sexually degenerate country in the West.

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Well, Ayesha was six when she got married and nine when this guy's prophet took her.

Eleven is practically middle age for a muzzie.

I don't need to RTFA to know it's a fucking muzzie.

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Spins the wheel

You win

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Any Euro fucks want to borrow a dozen of my guns or so and start taking care of the fucking problem?

Hell, I'd join you. It'd be fun.

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Kickstart a fund, get a boat, get a bunch of people, go be mercs there, remove kebab, save civilization, get justice, fuck pussy to get warrior gene pool back normal.

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That’s Vikingspeak .. probably going to happen though

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Pieces of shit, all of them.

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No wonder France has such a large Muslim population.

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France does not have a legal age under which a minor cannot agree to a sexual relationship

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Crazy! Here I believed the reports that France is bacon.

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