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Israel cannot win this fight without our Carrier Group and our Satellites.

If we pull back just an inch, and put Israel back into normal channels like our normal allies, they'd lose this war they are starting in less than 3 weeks. And then Israelis will know what it is like in all of the Countries they have tricked their allies into invading the past 20 years.

What's the saying? Chickens coming home to roost?

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Israel losing the war could mean death for most us.


The 'Samson Option' is an Israeli final resort if the country should ever happen to 'go under'. This 'final resort' would entail nuclear bombardment of all opposing or enemy countries, as well as "against most major world capitals, regardless of alliance." [1]

"We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that will happen before Israel goes under." [2]

  • Martin Van Creveld, Israeli Professor

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They can't launch anything without our express permission. There are reasons they have been allowed to avoid the NPT. Look at what they have in the oceans and in space. Their only possibility of a launch is maybe from a Sub, but on that note they think they are quieter and more sneaky than they are. Lies go both ways.

The only truth to the Samson option is the weapons they have already smuggled in and hidden under developments.

The cost of life will be high, but it will be lower than what the next decade of Israel at the center of international politics would bring.

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It's just fear mongering to make people think that an attack on Israel would be the end of the world. They might have nukes but they have never tested them and I doubt they could hit their targets.

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Let it happen. The united states has a (secret? is this supposed to be secret? any one with half a brain knows about it) national missile defense system that can be deployed in hours anywhere in the world. 747 with laser systems built into them, that's why none of N. Koreas missles ever get anywhere, we shoot them down, or let them harmlessly splash into the ocean.

Let Isreal get uppity, we'll shield our allies, and let our enemies die in nuclear fire, and then blame the kikes at the end of all of it.

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Throw in the downing of the russian civilian passenger jet. This is the war Hillary wanted day one. They are trying to ease us into it so we don't notice Trump has been flipped.

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Yeah thanks, been thinking that passenger jet was related not wanting to say a word.

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me too - and remember the scandal conspiracy of the malasian flight that went missing and the "other one" that got shot down in ukraine. It was the team of software engineers that had the tech to fuck with the planes computers that gave that away. and the details of the new crash (a couple of actual technicians were aboard and the cause being misreporting sensors) and the timing of the crash so close after they were so upset they lost a f-16 in syria. It's just isreal threatening russia.

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I dont want you to be right.

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Neither do I. It is obvious now that Hillary wanted war with Russia to cover up her own crimes.

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Nuke Israel

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https://archive.fo/SJD4Q :

            'France will strike' if proven chemical bombs used in Syria: Macron | Reuters

https://archive.fo/fTWNc :

US jet destroys Russian T-72 battle tank in 'self-defense' in Syria - BI

https://archive.fo/I2XUf :

            Israeli jet shot down after bombing Iranian site in Syria | Reuters

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Thanks .. I'm Lazy

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Only once the last jew is dead will this world know peace.