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So, this guy's house is a Dead Nigger Storage?

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I wonder if he has good coffee

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Not if his wife buys it.

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Degenerates all around.

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If he was a Muslim, then BlackLivesMatter > Homophobia; if not, then BlackLivesMatter < Homophobia

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Democrats are truly vile creatures.

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mr Ed Buck- is one sick fuck- he loves to pull out his tool box- and inject black boy lovers with meth- he likes to see how high he can get them and then try to fuck them into a coma- seriously this is his thing- he hangs out with the likes of the Clintons, and Adam Schiff - this kid was with his parents and Ed Buck just kept calling him, who do you think paid for his air fair? That would be Ed Buck, so this kid who is poor and black with HIV or AIDS has this rich white guy from west Hollywood paying his bills- and he is asked to return- his brother takes him to the airport and with in 5 hours of landing this man is dead by a meth overdose next to the "tool box" that Buck uses to ruin rectums? This guy fuck homeless black boys and fucks them to death but pays everyone off- wait until they find out about the kids at the STANDARD hotel. Where Ed and Adam Schiff hang out at. Its going to get bad for Ed Buck, he will go down for this one- but he is in the major league like Jeffrey Dahmer- he just hasn't been caught yet.

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Any links to these claims? I'd love to show this shit to some friends.

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Is that a horribly written article or am I just too tired? Which guy is the dead one?

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This is a Q Anon related story with deep ties to ADAM SCHIFF and the Standard Hotel, which is directly connected to 3 people who DIED in a Helicopter crash two weeks ago.

WAKE UP GOATS http://thephaser.com/2018/02/qanon-fingers-the-standard-hotel-adam-schiff/

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No more bribes for the hoards.