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I support LEOs but this is uncalled for. If you are such a cunt that you gun down old people like that. You're the enemy, not the protector. The old boy had a KNIFE.

If you can't disarm an 85 year old man with a knife without shooting him as a cop, you fucking fail. Seriously, I can understand they have shit healthcare and you don't want to get injured but that's some epic weapons grade shit.

They've got billy clubs to deal with that fucking knife. Come at me with a knife and I'm going to fuck you up and I'm not that well trained with billy club. The most the old boy should have walked away with a broken hand from cracking him in the knife hand with it.

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This isn't the first time.

A nigger cop, who was ultimately acquitted, did the same thing in a Park Forest, IL retirement facility back in 2013. He shot a senior citizen with a beanbag shotgun several times at nearly point blank.

This was apparently justified because the man (a 95yr old white world war 2 vet) didn't want to come out of his room to take his medications or something and was allegedly armed with 7" serrated knife. He died a few hours later due to internal injuries suffered.

They could have simply left the man alone and waited until he calmed down or got hungry and came out on his own, or just toss a big wet wool blanket over his head and brought him out peacefully, but no. First they attempted to charge him with a riot shield and a taser, but when the taser shot missed, Action Jackson unloaded all of his beanbags into the man.

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Acquitted? This is why people hate cops, don't trust cops, want to murder them all.

But it's a nigger too? Damn. Did he have an 'accident' sometime after that?

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Or they could have some actual training and de-escelate the situation. Once the old dude calms down and drops the knife you can ticket him or whatever.

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For fuck's sake, play the Benny Hill theme music and just out run him with the knife. He's going to tire out in what, two maybe three yards? How fucking fat and out of shape were these shit cops? 85 years old guys aren't going to Usain Bolt you down and stabby stab stab you to death. You've got to be the biggest pussy faggot in the history of pussy faggots to kill the old boy.

What happened to evil bikers rolling into a town with pussy cops and just raping the town hard? That's what needs to happen to that community. If the cops are that big of pussyies then that tells the world that real bad men can come fuck them and their town like a big giant vagina all warm and ready for them. This is on everyone in that community. Let it be razed to the ground as a smoldering pit of ruin warning others of such dishonorable shit will not be tolerated.

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nah US cops are trained in israel, it's about absolute control not what's right or reasonable

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Your missing the point- in order to be someone on the force- get your stripes so to speak- you gotta take a kill- its equivalent to being jumped in to a gang- as for LEO- most are shit- never ever call them ever.

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Zogbots all deserve the rope.

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Not knowing all the facts makes this one dicey. It definitely seems overkill to throw this man out on the streets due to his dogs. That, I put on the retirement home. However, this article really seems to go out its way to demonize the police. I don't know any of these people so I don't know who's crazy and who's not, but the article seems to really try and push the "bad cop" narrative.

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BLM is bullshit... mostly because they distract from the real issues.

There is a serious problem with law enforcement in this country. And it's not racial or gender or age based.

They are no longer keepers of the peace. They are dogs of the state. No better than the crips or bloods or MS13 they claim to despise so much.

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Hidden Grove apartments the cock suckers that put this shit in motion; let's give them a call shall we. Want to shit all over vets, wait until we're fed the fuck up. 305-258-1690 and their parent company TRG management 305-442-8628 (it was apparently just my opinion they murdered him) company 2200 north commerce parkway, suite 100, Westin Florida, 33326. Leftists fucks will boycott a taco stand for cultural appropriation haha cunts

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They did all they could to diffuse the situation, he was highly agitated, and threatened and pointed a gun at the police. What else could they have done? Say some pissed off old man pointed a gun at YOU? I'd shoot him.......

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He had a knife. Not a gun