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Can you imagine if someone made a painting of a white woman hanging a nigger? I'd buy that!

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Or cleaving one.

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How about you love yourself, love who you are, and love your ancestors. But don't hate, and especially don't call for violence. Niggers want to solve problems with violence. You make everyone here look bad, faggot.

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and especially don't call for violence

Painting a pic of a white woman hanging a nog is violence?? fucktard

Secondly, Fuck off you coward pacifist bitch. Sitting around being pussies is why shit is the way it is.

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"Judith Beheading Holofernes" is racialized for a purpose.

Who was Holofernes and who was Judith? Holofernes was a general of King Nebuchadnezzar who was sent to destroy or subjugate and to destroy the gods of all those peoples who failed to support Nebuchadnezzar in his conquests. On that hit list were the Jewish people who did not seek an alliance with him.

Holofernes was thusly sent to destroy Bethulia, a Jewish town, but a Jewish widow name Judith seduced Holofernes and beheaded him while he was drunk and unconscious., thus saving the town.

So, now, in this painting, General Holofernes is portrayed as a white woman. And since she was seduced by a black woman that then means that she is a Lesbian.

And the Jewish widow, Judith, is a black woman, likely a stand in for a BLM activist.

So, that raises a question. Who is Nebuchadnezzar, the God king that demands that all subject people worship him alone? If Holofernes is a feminist, LGBT activist, then King Nebuchadnezzar must be a personification of 3rd wave feminism or even Cultural Marxism, itself.

And if all of that is true then Kehinde Wiley is saying that this demand that Cultural Marxism be venerated to the exclusion of all other gods/beliefs is an attack on the Black Community!

Unless Kehinde is a complete idiot, his metaphor condemns the Feminist/NeoMarxist movements for attempting black genocide!

But is that really what this Artist is saying? Or does he just like to portray black people killing white people and is just too dumb to understand the metaphors that his work is playing around with?

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Listen to the hate when a black activist says "White Feminism." There's a reason.

Women's rights in the US were implicitly about exterminating Black people. From the power to cry rape and execute black boys to Margaret Sanger's outreach of abortionists in black neighborhood, when white women achieved powers it seemed at the expense of Blacks. Feminism in the 60s paved the way for Civil Rights, but once the major hurdles were passed Feminism failed to collaborate with Black activists in political reform.

For all the hollering we hear about the patriarchy, women tend to get what they want politically as soon as men achieve their impossible demands. From control of the weather indoors to the power over life and death in the womb, each ask was answered with a reluctant and exhausted gift. With this power, white women now make up the majority of voters, welfare recipients, affirmative action beneficiaries, and control nearly 80% of consumer spending in the economy.

Black resentment towards whites comes from the brief period of time when Feminists collaborated with Blacks to achieve mutual goals. The amendments passed in the 60s benefited both with language to ban exclusion on the basis of immutable characteristics. If they achieved the same goals, why then are white women so much better off than Black Women?

The answer of course is the same as you'll hear from anyone on this site. But from the perspective of Black activists, White women are the quintessential example of White Hegemony; the Black persons Patriarchy, Illuminati, Deep State, JQ all wrapped up in half the population. This is the superstious belief in White Privilege manifest in one glorious condemnation of the White Female:

Basic Bitch.

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I would give you 10 upvoats for that excellent analysis... if I could!

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Here's another one


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I wish someone would blow 6 holes in this douchebags head & take pictures we can sell as "art"

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Plot twist: artist can only draw what they see, and this is evidence of murder.

Can we run facial recognition on these faces?

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LOL... what the fuck are you talking about?

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Goofin around, I presume.

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"Artist" doing more hand signs. Illuminati filth.

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He paints what he imagines. Of course his paintings depict violence and murdering white people. That is all blacks think about. He knows his audience well, so he is becoming rich and famous. Violence depicted well can even get a president's attention and admiration.