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I guess fake news is not as marketable as it once used to be.

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One of the oldest professions though.

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And just as whoreish as the oldest one.

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CNN = Chick News Network.

If guys want to see made up drama they can already watch WWE wrestling.

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Or NFL, if they want their made up drama to be extra gay.

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Clinton subsidys not coming in.

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When things get so bad that even Jake Tapper is calling you on your bullshit, you know you're in trouble.


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The money went to propaganda outlets that offer more views for the dollar.

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More likely they are funded directly from a three letter organization. Same for Twitter.

11 years, never once turning a profit but can still find investors and money to regularly expand to over 3500 employees.

Assuming each employees makes $45,000/Yr (California living costs) that would mean they need around $160 Million just in employee salary. Not to mention health insurance, taxes, servers, rent, electricity.

Nothing fishy going on there.

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What company are you talking about that has 3500 employees?

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Lots of software engineers and other engineering sorts needed for a company like that. They tend to make a bit more salary.

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No Way. American Patriots need Twitter.

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Funny... because TWITTER has lost $2Billion in 10 years and never turned a profit until last quarter...

What the fuck is keeping Twatter going?? Secret money? Dark money?

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What was keeping Amazon going. It wasn't until somewhat recently that they made their first real profits.

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Amazon was propped up by investors, amazon took all of their "profits" and simply reinvested to continue growing and growing.

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Good point, although Amazon is a totally different company, both Twitter and Amazon have their similarities. Amazon wants to destroy dominate the retail sector by leveraging every thing and every one within it's business model, and it's been highly successful at it. It is a very scary company with a voracious appetite and there is almost no sector it has not invaded or plans to invade. Bezos is a sinister figure who seems committed to a larger and larger monopoly on goods Americans consume and depend on. Investors know what the long term goals of Amazon are and they are working together to become the entire country's company store. Total market domination and control. Not hard to imagine a future where Amazon tokens are given to workers, only redeemable at Amazon.

If Amazon's economic footprint is an elephant, than Twitter's economic footprint is a gnat or an ant. But it doesn't matter, because Twitter is not about making anyone money. Twitter is a platform for suppressing free speech, controlling wider narratives and spreading propaganda. Do we know who is investing in Twitter? We know Prince Al-Waleed was. We know George Soros is. Anyone who follows the President on Twitter knows how rigged it is against him. lol It's actually comical that a public company has such an obvious agenda against the sitting President. Think about this, though: Where would the President's message be WITHOUT Twitter? He knows what the fuck is up and so do his enemies.

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Good. I look forward to the day I read on-line that CNN has expired.

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