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“It’s true that all these people are deportable, but that doesn’t mean they should all have equal value,” said Cecilia Muñoz, a former policy adviser to Obama who helped shape the administration’s tiered enforcement approach.

“By crowding the courts with all kinds of people, you’re creating a resource problem,” Muñoz said. “If you apply that logic to local police forces, you’re saying that every robber and rapist is the same as a jaywalker. And then you’re clogging your courts with jaywalkers.”

This is exactly the kind of thinking that got us into this mess. They all have to go, it doesn't matter what order you do it in. If you start wasting time over which one has to go forst you'll never accomplish anything. This is a standard stalling tactic used to derail the immigration control system.

This is also a false equivalency. These illegal immigrants aren't being deported because they are a rapist, robber, or jaywalker; they are being deported for immigrating here illegaly. They could be the most brilliant Polish doctor in the world or best toilet scrubbing Mexican around, they all have to go back.

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Does it really need the courts though?

We're not locking them up for years, we're sending them back home. It'd be as if we had an invading army and instead of shooting them we arrested them and tried each and every soldier.

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Due process (gotta check if they got papers, if they do if they're valid/real) to make sure we don't deport tax paying citizens is important. I believe they are over exaggerating when they say clogging the courts, i've never heard that argument once and I don't believe this person is honest

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Immigrants whose only crime was living in the country illegally

WTF I can't even...

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Archive that shit. I'm not paying to read the Washington Compost.

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Washington Compost

That's a good one, I'm going to have to borrow that.

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I call it the WaPoo.

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I got it from Mark Levin.

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The lying press.

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Bounties should be paid.

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Please let this happen! I want to see pelosi have a seizure. I'd call it "The Patriot Stimulus Act". $50/head!

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Dead or alive.

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"But the reason they’ve been here a long time is because they gamed the system," he said.

And during that time he bred three more who can't be deported.

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I don't know why we aren't dealing with the anchor baby problem as well. None of these people are citizens. You don't go to a foreign country, shit out a kid and think it's a citizen. This is bullshit.

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Unless ICE can manage numbers greater than the numbers coming in (they can't), it's all meaningless. It needs to be outsourced to the citizenry to clean house.

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Like President Duerte in the Phillippines

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Typical WaPo garbage. Middle finger to OP for tricking me into giving them a click. But since I was already there I read all of it I could stand.

37,000 arrests in 2017 is hardly a "FLOOD". No one knows the real number because they are CRIMINALS! But statistics tells us with high confidence that there are between 50 million and 70 million illegal aliens in the US. A best guess is about 65 million.

These invaders need to be rounded up by the MILLIONS - not by the thousands. It would not be a violation of US law to use the military to round them up because they are not American citizens. This is a WAR. America has been losing it for 40 years. It is time to get serious about fighting back.

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I agree, we should use the military to get them out. This is war and Americans look like fools for letting them invade.

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Not only do they need to be sent back but they need to have at least a 10-year no-return policy. If they sneak in again they get a decade of hard labor. Fuck prisons, get some use out of these mudslimes.

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We need to shoot them at the border.

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