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Once again you mentally unstable faggots: If you've got a dick its the mens room, vag its the ladies room. Now go get help like regular crazies do.

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Like really. Even if you do buy all that shit about gender and shit...

Bathrooms are built around genitals. Like they have different plumbing for different... plumbing.

It's not a "men vs women" bathroom, it's a "penis vs vagina" bathroom.

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But I want to watch women use the bathroom

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Drill a hole in the wall like the real men do.

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Directions Unclear; Drilled hole directly into woman

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If they file a complaint refer them to a mental clinic.

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Thank god, if there's anything this country needs to tackle right now, it's all this bathroom drama.

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What about denying education for LGBT students and giving their seats for straight students?

LGBTs should be in correction camp or mental illness hospital, not normal classroom and spreading their degeneration to normal students.

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students are probably only LGBT because of parental or teacher abuse.

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I'm gay because I am exclusively attracted to men both physically, emotionally, and sexually.

Teachers shouldn't be talking about gay shit in school. That's what a liberal arts degree is for.

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That's why they need to be "treated" so they don't go and abuse future generation themselves.

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All faggots care about is sex and everything that revolves around it. They truly are evil demonic sub humans.

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Good enough of this LGBT nonsense.

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