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maybe throw in some vegie seeds so people can learn to be slightly self sufficient. If they grow more than enough they could sell/trade them, to buy their non essentials.

[–] BentAxel 1 points 27 points (+28|-1) ago 

The Government used to do something like this, it wasnt pretty. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_cheese But, I like what this is about. I can't tell you how fucking incesed I become when a Liquor store accecpts "EBT."

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Government cheese as peanut butter were many times all we had to eat. I'm incredibly thankful that shit was available, and so were the other kids who lived on it all summer.

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Households receiving $90 per month or more would get a portion in shelf-stable milk, ready to eat cereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans and canned fruit, vegetables, and meat, poultry or fish. The remainder of the benefit would go onto the debit card for use at approved grocery stores.


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Government cheese was great. I'd buy it now but a 30 lbs order is too great a quantity for me and my family. http://www.foodservicedirect.com/product.cfm/p/186622/Land-O-Lakes-American-Extra-Melt-Yellow-Process-Cheese-Loaf-5-Pound.htm

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How incested you become?

[–] selpai 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

Do you really think that most of the people on this program have the capacity to grow their own food? Where would they grow it?

[–] RebeccaSugar 3 points 13 points (+16|-3) ago 

The fucking ground.

[–] ardvarcus 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Even if some enterprising niggers tried to plant a vegetable garden, other niggers would just steal everything and rip up the plants for fun. That's why Africa is such a shithole. It's in their DNA.

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Grow Tents - Buyers' Guide


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vegetable seeds

Wtf, I love government handouts now.

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Niggas gonna be pissed about that dried milk and gubbmint cheese.

[–] 9-11 2 points 7 points (+9|-2) ago 

It could work if it was watermelon.


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Somebody troll em a little and put cotton seeds in there. I'mGoingToHell

[–] JohnGoodman 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

Too bad niggers don’t own land, Dey rent and sheiiitttt

[–] level_101 0 points 24 points (+24|-0) ago 

Your taxes pay for their rent. Section 8 plague.

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You can grow vegies in pots on balconies and even windowsills. Just like Pot.

[–] EvilSeagull 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

The public housing complexes around here have large, fenced community gardens right on the property. They are always full of weeds and nothing else. .

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Plants grow in pots.

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Oh God, this is great. First trump held the daca taco niggers hostage, then just when the dems think they can corner him, he pulls out a tarus judge, points it at the GIBS, and says, this hostage dies now.

So now the democrats will have to fight for either the gibs, or the taco niggers. This will not end well for them.

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Purple drank stocks plummeted on Wall Street today.

[–] Deathstalker 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago 

My baby is starving now he lost 150lbs.

[–] Martel-Sobieski 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago 

You joke but the components of purple drink is sprite. Manufactured by the coca cola company. Look up coke stock and set the scale to 1yr

Theyre down about 10% from jan 28 to now

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Time to re-badge the vats as "drain cleaner".

[–] undertheshills 3 points 8 points (+11|-3) ago 

Its a checkmate too. It will save money and actually have a health benefit. No amount of down is going to be able to break the truth of how bad SNAP is. The welfare whore have to take delivery on food they cant just stock up on garbage, hit food banks and sell the excess while bitching about how they don't get enough

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It also castrates one of the dems largest donors, chase manhatten, who the government pays to handle the snap cards.

It sends a very clear message: support my enemies, and i will hurt you.

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Gibs are bullshit anyway. The same people who tell us not to feed the ducks or stray animals because they'll become lazy and dependant on handouts are the same people who cry about all the poor hungry people who should get free gibs with absolutely no strings attached.

I want to see someone show statistically how gibs have decreased poverty - show California pre-gibs 1900s to California super-gibs 2018 and how much poverty has increased.

[–] KEKjudo 1 points 23 points (+24|-1) ago  (edited ago)

You know there’s a problem when you see niggers buy lobster with their food stamps at the super market then drive off in their Escalade

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They're hiding income, or really bad at budgeting $250 for a month of food. Car is probably in family member's name.

[–] LurkMoarFaggot 0 points 14 points (+14|-0) ago 

They're hiding income selling drugs.

[–] KoKansei 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

The IRS doesn't have enough manpower to go after welfare cases scamming the system. They have less than 2,000 agents investigating "tax crimes" and half of those are occupied with rampant identity theft and other scams.

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OMG. You must live near a walmarket like me. I'm in a transitional neighborhood and it has been a trip watching Snap users dressed better than me buy goods I only think about on holidays.

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It's called the Supplemental Nutrition something something because you're supposed to buy better food with it, on top of your food budget. If you can't afford food, maybe think about applying?

Sure, you can rice, beans, eggs, bananas, and greens your way through life, but if your income is below the threshold then don't leave money on the table.

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Armenians are also notorious for this in the LA area. Pull up in a brand new SUV, fill the cart with specialty foods, whip out an EBT card to pay for it.

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I was this person last year. Here is the thing....I was on food stamps and WIC, my car was on its last dying leg....I walked into the dealership to trade for another used vehicle....I didn't qualify. You know what I did qualify for though? A brand new 2017 Corolla. How? I have no fucking clue. Something about using the rebate as a downpayment, ect. Ect. I walked in with no money down and terrible credit and they gave me a car. I had to scrape, beg, plead, and borrow to afford the insurance of $150 to drive it off the lot. I didn't have to make a first payment for three months. I still don't understand it. I hekd my breath the entire time I signed paperwork waiting for the deal to fall through. It never did. I took the car. I had a newborn and a 2 1/2 year old and I needed the car to get to work, take them to daycare, and get my husband to his doctor appointments. The payments were $450 a month with a horrible interest rate. Luckily by the time the first payment was due my husband was back to work full time so we could afford it. (He battled cancer). Its the housing lending frenzy all over again.

[–] Tallest_Skil 3 points 22 points (+25|-3) ago 


[–] GoatEmperorTrump 3 points 6 points (+9|-3) ago 

Good, then go starve nigger. Your kids will eat decent food instead of Hostess and Mountain Dew, and you will have to get a job to afford all those menthol cigarettes.

Meanwhile, I will be over here still not getting tired of winning.

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Every time you get black pilled on the man he comes up with an innovative idea.

[–] RKG 0 points 22 points (+22|-0) ago 

Donald Trump is the best President we'll ever be allowed to have.

[–] gentronseven 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I couldn't have even dreamed an amazing president like Trump could still be elected in this country, easily the greatest in 90 years, assuming he doesn't allow amnesty.

[–] Reverse-Flash 11 points 0 points (+11|-11) ago 

And then they put us 10 more trillion in debt over the next 10 years. What a great savings!

[–] 1Sorry_SOB 3 points 6 points (+9|-3) ago 

Let's worry about the debt once we get the population controlled.

[–] MrEvilPirate 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

We can never pay off the debt without totally revamping our corrupt monetary system. Need to borrow the money in order to pay it back... but then there is interest on what we "borrow". I'm looking at you, Fed.

[–] Master_Foo 2 points 19 points (+21|-2) ago 

Up until now, I never really cared for Trump. Don't get me wrong, I never went "Not My President", or anything like that. I just didn't think he was all that great.

I can give him points for something like this. I've been saying we should dump EBT in favor of MREs for years. Take the money that is being spent buying soda in a convenience store and redirect it to the preparedness industry.

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Yep. Dump EBT for MREs. Exactly.

[–] Dkeere 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

I can't imagine how fat they would get sitting on their ass eating that many calories...

[–] prairie 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Shit, this is brilliant. They'll stock up on MREs and then when there is widespread power failures and food supply issues, the chimps won't go so crazy for a while since they'll have long-lasting rations.

[–] SiliconMasterRace 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

MREs are fucking delicious. Full size bag of skittles in every one will make you hate skittles pretty quick, though.

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Eh, I'm not sure. Last year we were on food stamps. We received $300 a month for a family of four. I get that it's costly, but I do think this current system is very efficient. Also low-income households vary widely on their access to certain kitchen appliances, skill, and time. I mean, sending a bunch of food that will take an hour or more to prepare when the able body adults are already working 65+ hours a week each isn't sustainable. Also pots and pans get expensive, the same with microwaves. I don't think a one size fits all solution is the best here. Some households can inly make sandwiches, some households can only make microwave meals, and others can only cook from one pot. It all depends on what you had when you landed in the program. A few fortunate households might come with a fully functional kitchen, but most don't. Just my two cents.

[–] SyriansAreTerrorists 1 points 13 points (+14|-1) ago 

Niggers on the food stamp program don't work 65+ hours a week. They work 0 hours a week.

[–] Vvswiftvv17 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago 

Faggot, go back to your subverse.

[–] Titus-of-Voat 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

Kitchen wares are easily found cheap at second hand stores and yard sales. If this change forces people to learn basic life skills for their survival then God bless America.

[–] Vvswiftvv17 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

Cheap to you may be completely out of reach for others. If you are really super needy than scraping up $5 for anything night as well be like trying to acquire $1M

[–] JeffreyMcMillinface 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

Anyone can afford a $3 pot or pan from a thrift store. One of the biggest problems with people in poverty is obesity now if people want their daily diabetes soda they'll have to get a job instead of buying it on food stamps.

[–] harmlessgryphon 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

If you ask around, you can probably get a couple of pots and pans for nothing. I know that I've been given quite a few over the years to the point where I have way too many (Oh you're a guy? Here, take this cookware since you don't have any!) and have to clean them out now.

A couple of saucepans, a wok, and a cast-iron frypan are about all I need.

[–] Vvswiftvv17 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago 

No. Not everyone can. How absolutely arrogant. You are very fortunate to have such a blessed life to think this way though.

[–] BordelonLoop 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

did you just write this crap? "but i do think this current system is very effecient?" at first i bought into your "car" sob story. now i know you are either a dimwit or a fraud.

[–] wtfeva 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

I'm leaning towards faggotass lying shill...

[–] Vvswiftvv17 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

Care to explain? Or are you just resulting to usual yawn insult tactics?

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https://archive.fo/xZJ3K :

Trump Budget Would Swap Food Stamps for ‘100% American’ Food Packages - Bloomberg

'The food stamp program served 42.2 million people and 20.9 million households on average during the 2017 fiscal year. '

'"This budget, as with every other president’s budget before, will not prevent us from doing that job."'

'The average household benefit was $254.14, thus 81 percent of homes receiving aid would be included in the initiative, according to the USDA. SNAP assistance cost $68.1 billion in 2017, with $63.7 billion given out as benefits. '

'The plan is part of an effort to reform SNAP and save a projected $214 billion over a decade. '

'The program would provide food-stamp recipients with "the same level of food value" as the current system, Perdue added. '

This has been an automated message.

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Good bot.

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Easy, champ. That hurts it's feelings.

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derram is also a real person, and I like him. He is opinionated and can get quite testy at times.

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