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FACTS ARE RACIST. Best part is it was an Asian kid. That will probably be the one thing that saves them from being suspended / expelled for "hate crimes".

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It actually looks like the program might just have enough integrity to stick to their own guidelines and not punish him as he did do real science.

What do you want to bet they add a topic approval stage to future science fairs?

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To be willing and able to think, one must be willing and able to offend.

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That guy OWNED that leftist cunt.

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I love it. By the descriptions of the experiment in the article itself the student was as scientifically rigorous as it could be and yet, since it revealed that reality doesn't actually have the much-ballyhooed "liberal bias", it caused a panic.

That student should be praised for the effort put in; he did original research instead of lazily synthesizing past writings. He actually did science, yet gets criticized for not silencing himself to preserve the narrative.

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Southeast Asia means what, like Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.?

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cambodia vietnam phillipines

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It should be called the Brojab.

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