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I really feel sorry for that kid. Somehow, sanctimonious assholes will get him barred from all but the shittiest state colleges, he will get death threats, and he will lose his passion for scientific inquiry.

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History repeating itself.. Galileo Galilei would be rolling in his grave.

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Unfortunately, despite pitching what he thought was the truth, the kid is about to learn what a bunch of sanctimonious politically correct lib assholes think.

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Funny thing about truth -- it doesn't matter who says it, or when it is said, it is always truth.

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When you speak the truth, and others freak out, you either accept that you are a liar, or you accept that others are liars. In the empire of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

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The project was on view with others Monday as part of an annual science fair but was removed Wednesday after complaints.

Censorship is their only recourse. They don't have facts to argue. This is how they continue to brainwash.

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Is their culture to deny scientific truth?

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"We waz kangs." Any other narrative is unacceptable.

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He provides proof that they are stupid. The solution is apparently to hire more stupid people. Who's decision is this? Someone stupid.

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Nobody wants to hear the truth

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