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Don’t let them leave.

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It sucks a city like San Francisco trashed. It’s such a beautiful landscape

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Was pretty trashed in 1906 too. Then it was mostly just the buildings. Now it's mostly the people. Homosexuals fucking in the streets, and homeless shitting in them. And what does it cost to experience this enrichment?

As of January, 2018, average apartment rent within 10 miles of San Francisco, CA is $3670. One bedroom apartments in San Francisco rent for $3405 a month on average and two bedroom apartment rents average $4492.

Don't even ask about buying.

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Now they'll spread around and fuck up everywhere else because they lack the self awareness to recognize why things went bad.

You don't let shitholes reintegrate. Can you imagine how different Germany would be nowadays if East Germany was glassed instead of allowed to reintegrate into civilized society?

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Former commie blocks were shielded from post modernist degenaracy by soviet system

Probably the only upside when it comes to being under soviet control, that's why eastern an central european countries are the less cucked

[–] Pwning4Ever 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

how so? Isn't it the commie bloc that's based?

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Can you imagine how different Germany would be today if they let Patton do his job?

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Downvoated because I hate people who do voiceovers of articles and put them up on youtube and monetize them.

actual article | archive link

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I was born there. Was raised there. Lived there (except for college) until I was 29. And then I left. That was 18 years ago and I’ve never once looked back. I live north of the city now and don’t even work there anymore.

My jewel of a city, what was once a really nice small-town city, has turned in to a complete shithole. I don’t go there for anything anymore - ever.

I watched the city change over the years. First it was an influx of new people in the 80s. But that wasn’t so bad since they mostly had money. Then the assholes arrived in the 90s and things went from somewhat liberal to fucking assanine. That’s a big part of why I left.

And the liberal insanity just kept coming. People started noticing the homeless. Then the return of crime. Serious crime. And the infrastructure of the city began failing seriously. The entire downtown area smelled of shit because of liberal water policies. Then came the new taxes and fees.

And then ... fuck that place. Glad to see people ditching the city in favor of better places.

It’s all a cycle. Hopefully this will kill some of the liberal insanity and things can return to normal.

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Problem is, even if they're far less insane than the rest, they're bat-shit lunatics compared to the places they're moving to. They will vote accordingly, and sooner than later, new shitholes.

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And the liberal insanity just kept coming. People started noticing the homeless.

By no means I want to deny the respoonsibility of liberals in perpatuating it, but you have Reagan to tank for the increase in homelessness at that time.

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Fuck them. Make them stay. All these cities will be like Detroit in 20 years.

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White flight is raycis goyim

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Cynic me thinks that this is intentional. Make the conditions miserable in SanFran, then the "virus"" that is liberalism spreads even faster outwards to neighboring states. Rinse and repeat until there is no place safe

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It's a wonder anyone thought it was a good idea to stay there this long.

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