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Person that made this is named Alison Jackson. She also did one of Trump getting a spray on tan.

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Being redpilled means you sometimes have your dreams shattered.




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oh, i just came here to ask this question! wished it was real

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Bill would NEVER have sexual relations with such cute girl. He likes those ugly fuglies.

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So fake news?

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In Bill's defense, getting naked massages in your hotel room is one of the perks of being a White Male Executive.

I would think there was something creepy about Bill [aside from him being a rapist and having HIV] if he DIDNT get naked massages in his hotel rooms.

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Also in his defense... I mean look what he's married to.

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Is this suppose to be Bill? Or that Jewish food critic Anthony Bourdain?

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Anthony is a fuckin heroin jew junkie

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Have they ever been in the same room???

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Is real? Is ol Bill horndog Hillary?

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Nah it was made by some artist

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I wonder if he tried the Al Gore and told her he needed his chakras released. wait what am I saying obviously have gore learn that moved from Bill

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I think it's about time you goats learnt about the Democrats tactic of projection. Whatever they accuse their enemies of, they are infact guilty of that crime themselves. This is also the reason why they call everyone a rasict all the time.

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Although it's pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain that they're the biggest racists of them all.

But then again, there WAS that study that proved you have to have parts of your brain disabled in order to think like a liberal...

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If you're not "racist", there is something wrong with your perceptual abilities somewhere along the way. Different races clearly have different characteristics, otherwise how would you even know different races exist?

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Niggers commit the most crime.-me

So we need more?—them

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nice it'll be good to hold on to this. although it's now a life regret that I didn't get to shitpost this the other day

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