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Burning your entire fucking family alive will adequately meet your grandsons birthday wishes.

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Burning alive is too good for them. Flay them first. THEY DON'T DESERVE TO BE WHITE.

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They aren't. They are kikes.

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females suffer from psychological spatial distortion, their opinions, observations and conclusions are skewed, meanwhile they are easy to manipulate with false propaganda.

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you win the internet for the day

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Can you imagine the horror if a brown skinned person said that their grandkid said he didn't want to be brown, but wanted to be white and blue eyed like Little Johnny Pelosi? How racist of a country we would be to have children wishing they were not their actual race? Fuck these libtards.

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so proud to be black the mentally ill pedo bleached himself whiter than my ass. And my ass don't get much sun.

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Tune in next week when we will see Pelosi shit in her hand and throw it at people like the chimps she represents.

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She doesn't need to do anything as purile as shitting in her hand. She can just scoop it out of her diaper.

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Pushing your mentally ill agendas onto your children and grandchildren is a sure way to push them to suicide.

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Leftist parents are shameful and have no moral compass or principles. And that is what the Public Schools have done to many if not most of them.

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She's demented, but she has enough brain cells left to parrot the social narrative that is current in her social circle -- that whites are evil and need to die, to make room for Hispanics and negroes, who in her cracked utopia will interbreed with the dregs of the dying white race and produce a single brown race -- kind of like what you get when you mix a bunch of bright, distinct colors together into a mud color. And in her demented self-hating mind, this is a good thing; that the races that took hundreds of thousands of years to evolve and acquire their dintinctness should be blended together into a brown gunk with no distinction at all.

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They pretend to favour "diversity". What the Leftists like Pelosi really want are two separate things:

1) The actual Communists who support Pelosi (mostly "white") want a "race" mixing that leads to no one having any particular history to themselves based on ancestry.

2) The ever Growing Hispanic Supremacists who currently support the "crazy white lady" want a Hispanic lock on power in as many states as they can leverage all for the purpose of creating a patronage system as in Mexico or some other 3rd world shithole. These folks all know the score.

The Hispanic Political base of the Democratic party hate blacks and "Anglos" and just mumble the euphemisms of "diversity this" and "multicultural that". What they want is totally different. They participate with Pelosi for now knowing that "their people"/La Raza" will simply use the crazy bitch only for so long as they need to. Eventually they hope to have packed their numbers in so high that they can take over the party, at least in the West.

These La Raza folks with their separate Hispanic-only college graduations and activities are true fascist-socialists of the Nazi mentality. And the end result will be that the American white voters will be forced into a reactionary posture to this, like a white man entering the modern prison system that has to join the Arian Brotherhood for defence. This is what the DEMOCRAT PARTY has done to the US Polity and is doing to our future as a nation..

I look forward to the day that Nancy Pelosi and her minions in the DNC are called to account and given their last walk on this planet following their lawful conviction.

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And if i was the father of that child youd never see it again cunt.

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I'm guessing the parents are no better.

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What about as the face of Israel?

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Israel has said "HELL NO!" to this feeble lie of "happy multiculturalism". They know better and have the IQ to process the truth from the neoMarxist propaganda.

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Only during Netanyahu administration.

Before they were doing the same bullshit that destroyed western nations. Like importing niggers, worshiping Soros, and political correctness and shit. Only Netanyahu have the balls to right what is wrong while at the same time tried to improve relationship with politically wrong countries like Hungary, Russia, China, etc. Their past leadership was literally Soros's puppet who suck "progressive" nation's cock all day long.

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