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Annnnd it was Negroes ....again.


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Typical nigger behavior. It's worse in Baltimore. Here they use dirtbikes they stole from white people living outside the city.


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I love how the headline wants you to think it's a bunch of angry hipsters with that "cyclist" bullshit.

Pavement apes that haven't figured out how to scam their way into a dirtbike like their Baltimore brethren is more accurate.


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Niggers. There's nothing we can do that will tame them. We've bent over backwards to help them assimilate and they are nothing but a plague upon our land. Some point, we need to cut our losses and move on and be rid of them.

Sons of single mothers, I'd bet most of them don't have a dad around. A dad would come find them and beat the nigger out of them. If it was a good dad. When have they had good dads? They can't with Uncle Sam being the pimp to their whore moms.

Now if they had any brains and wanted to do some productive crime, they could use those bikes for fast getaways in the city. They could coordinate and take 'smash and grab' and 'snatching' to a new level. They'd just have to dress alike to fuck over everyone, it's hard to tell them apart.

"It was a nigger in a black hoodie and black sweats!"

"There's a hundred niggers with black hoodies and black sweats!!"

"REEEEEE! You said Nigger!!"

"...and you don't care about the nigger horde stealing and robbing of course!"

"REEEEEEE! You said it again. It's their culture."

Couple that with the ability to coordinate over their 'Obama phones' and they could be fucking shit up for 'da white man'.


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Don’t confuse your typical office worker, blue collar guy, college student, or clergyman on a bike with these young thugs. They’re a plague on our cities, even to other bikers.


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Should have ran over the people on bikes. After a couple popped heads or chests, they wouldn't be beating on cars.


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Niggers on wheels. Sounds like a Broadway production.

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