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Ha. This is only a small piece of the picture. You think thousands of other businesses and companies haven't noticed the liability they are taking on by employing women? That their most productive employees, who are primarily men, are now not as inclined to be alone with them for work projects or train them? LOL. Women have FOR YEARS ignored and supported the tremendous damage feminists have been inflicting on society for decades and now women are going to be hoisted by their own petard. How does it feel now? Just wait, you ain't seen nothing yet.


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The thing is feminism is only as strong as the willingness of a society to accept it. This is the same for many facets of parties trying to influence people. Once feminism loses more power, it will be game over. Men were the ones who gave feminism the power to complain about how oppressive living in a first world society is, and they can also be the ones to take it away. From an affirmative action stance, I foresee more companies, at least smaller ones, just ignoring it altogether, and hiring who they want. The only thing feminism and AA have done is create an entire industry for "women only' events, seminars, and possibly some of the most sexist shit known to society. Funny how that works, men are sexist and evil, which is why women are the ones who predominantly identify by sex and openly create exclusionary events