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God you people mmm I’m gonna go play checkers and tell you how your hobbies suck. Go fuck yourself. Lemme guess everything you enjoy is awesome right?

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Girls are only a hobby to people who don’t have any everyone likes genitals


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You are missing the point. The game itself iz notbad even if it is over run with niggerats. The issue is that management is in league with the idiot niggers who think they have some reason to protest and who have forgotten that they work fpr and are laid by the fans.

PS, the fans are patriotic and also dont want politics in their sports.


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If you don’t want politics in your sports you don’t complain about niggers...all these people bitching about affirmative action, which i agree with, then they say less niggers. Guess what ? Niggers are fast. They’re not affirmative action they’re chosen because of skill/speed. Same way whites are better swimmers. This isn’t swimming though. No athletes get in for affirmative action in any sport. It’s about as pure as it gets. Refs? Sure. Other jobs cameraman etc.? Sure. Athletes, coaches, nah. It’s all skill based. I love football so all these fuckers can fuck off. You wanna be racist fine. You wanna be a hypocrite? Not so fine. We could get into borders and immigrants blah blah blah I’m sure we’d agree on it but that’s beside the point in this discussion.


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There is nothing wrong with the actual game of football. It is interesting and fun to watch. However, the game was built and marketed to people as something to be proud to to be a part. America is something that people are so proud of to be a part that they have sacrificed their lives for all of us. These players who sit or kneel know exactly that they are condemning the entire country by their act. They can say it is about something else, but the action speaks for itself. It is a complete rejection of American values. I will not let them profit from me if I epitomize everything they despise.