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I cant believe this is real life

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"I am a proud shitholer"

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Totally true with Anderson Cooper.

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And Americans say, "Come to think of it WHY are we taking these people?"

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Trump never said all coutnries are shitholes, but that a lot of our immigrants come from countries which have decided to pawn of their problems to the US, instead of fixing the problems themselves.Mexico famously, blatantly told the US that a Mexican created drug problem, was the US's problem, not theirs, and that Mexico had no accountability to be blamed for the problem. So somehow, the US is to blame from everything from a melted sundae to a collapsed economy, but every country i the world demands to be treated like saints? Time for these countries to fuck themsleves.

Edit; I know Trump said shithole, but i was thinking more of the intention of the wording, and not the wording itself.

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Poor fools. They won't stop until they confront Geldon. But by then, it'll be too late.

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The best part is he just said "shitholes." Not which countries are shitholes, the liberals filled that blank in themselves. That there says a lot more than the tweet itself.

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They always project what they are thinking or fear to think, don't they?

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This is great. CNN's biggest ratings come from public places like hospitals, airports and stores. Just imagine running a business and in the middle of a transaction with a mother and her children, the TV starts blaring "SHITHOLE!" over and over again.

That sound you hear is millions of establishments finding a less offensive channel to leave on as background noise.

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Very well done. Grats to Dice and thanks TONYH.

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