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https://archive.fo/6sbQ4 :

Army Rips Out Chinese-Made Surveillance Cameras Overlooking U.S. Base - WSJ

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Thank you derram!

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What dumbass installed Chinese cameras at a US Army base in the first place?

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Dude, for a while it was like, "It doesn't matter," and "you're paranoid." People nearly talked me down when I recommended against Kaspersky.

Seriously, software written by an FSB agent.

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It seems there is as much evidence against Kaspersky as the muh Russia narrative the news has been spewing, unless you have some source I haven't seen. The Bloomberg article seems to be a sort of hit piece, and Kaspersky has offered 100k and their source code for bug bounty and review. Have I missed something?

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Do you have any idea how much cash can be pocketed by overcharging the US government for cheap Chinese cameras?

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Is it enough to pay the fines and extra cigs to trade with while you're in jail for espionage? It's idiotic.

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for cheap Chinese cameras shit?

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Title makes it sounds like Chinese spies installed cameras monitering the base from outside it's walls. In fact the army took down chinese made cameras they controlled because they had security flaws.

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I’m going to assume the title has changed since you made this post and that your aren’t illiterate.

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If I told you something was "overlooking" a US base, would you assume it was actually inside the base? Be honest.

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Agreed. First thing that came to mind was backdoors in the cameras. Not that fucking China waltzed on over and installed some cameras lol

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Look into Hikvision, they cameras are widely considered to be compromised. Such a shame too, they were some of the first AFFORDABLE full HD. I.P. cameras, at just over $125 each. Now if you plug one in it'll just say HACKED within a few minutes. Nice huh?

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If you're into Tom Clancy style books Ghost Fleet is a pretty good read and touches on the fact that pretty much all our military hardware has components that are made by the Chinese.

No spoilers but... yeah.

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components are fine. a chinese resistor/transistor/capacitor/etc is the same wherever its made. its the way the circuits are arranged and the software that runs on them that dictates whether it can be used for nefarious reasons. why the fuck we havent been using US made stuff for our surveillance is beyond me. i cant imagine us buying russian made cctv or radios back during the cold war, so why now? this is fucking stupid oversight on the military's end. they wanted to stay under-budget, so they risked national security and traded safety for a few extra bucks. this is yet another reason why we keep getting pwned in cybersecurity. period.

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Do they realize that their cloud data is stored on Chinese data centers?

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Like China doesn’t own rack space in US data centers? Do you even data center, bro?

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With the cloud, no one knows where your data really is.

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About time...

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Who was the fucking contracting officer that approved this shit purchase?

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A contracting officer with a second vacation home.

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In isreal.

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I wonder, what would it take for me to sell out my country? I'd like to think I would enjoy telling someone to fuck off more than taking any money.

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If I were the chinese I'd just focus on buying several domestic camera manufacturers.

Next step would be to force the issue by hiring hackers to expose the flaws with the remaining chinese camera being used.

After that there would be a consolidated media push to get contractors who fulfill hardware requests to use 'only, all american security systems' and buy from the american companies that sold out to china.

In other words by forcing the issue, they could better control the outcome.

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