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The problem, the real problem is not what these people believe, it's that they're trying to silence discussion. You have people filling up fruit bowls at tech companies that will literally snitch on network engineers to HR for even having a civil discussion with someone else at work about climate change or politics in general. Meanwhile, the liberals at work say whatever they want, call people KKK, call people Nazis, laugh when people at a country music concert gets shot. This is how these people at Google and Twitter want every workplace in America to be.

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What you described is sickening

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Most large tech companies are huge liberal echo chambers. I'm aware of what it was like to work at Expedia when Trump was elected. The Expedia run by homo-Jew Barry Diller and Chelsea Clinton. If you put the collective emotional distress of 99% of the employees together, you would form a giant Trigglypuff monster whose agitations would send shockwaves that destroy Earth and neighboring planets. Fortunately there are many small companies made up of libertarians and even semi-ironic Nazis.

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This explains why i don't see expedia ads on TV anymore, but the new, better startups.

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I love how H1B are described as “apolitical” :-) when your visa - and the GC carrot dangled in front of your nose - and the threat of being deported on short notice should you lose said visa - depends on the good will of your employer you don’t rock the boat, you shut the fuck up and keep your head down... in addition to paying them a lot less that’s why employers love h1bs so much.

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I actually know a few of these H1Bs, and from what I have seen, a large number of those guys are actually right-leaning. I don't know any that are SJW or libtards. Most of them are apolitical though, or at least keep their mouth shut like you said.

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Doesn't matter, they side with their interests, which is anti-White.

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In August, we reported that Google keeps tampons in their men’s restrooms as a matter of policy, because “some men menstruate.”

I must have missed that part in sex-ed. What the fuck happened to society? Fuck it. Give it to the Muslims and the Africans. Some cultures don't deserve to perpetuate. A slow genocide might genuinely be the lesser evil.

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Pretty sure what they mean is some chick who had an addadicktome and now calls herself a man still bleeds from the gash she had sewn up.

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Not that I think it's right to administer drugs maliciously to sentient beings, but I've gotta admit, dousing the ends of them in LSD could have some hilarious outcomes. And really, what's HR going to do about it? Point out that "Xir seems to be hallucinating, and has started acting really strange lately?"

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They should all commit conservative/male flight and form new companies.

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They should all commit conservative/male flight

It has already begun. First they started off as consultants.

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It is interesting, but the enterprise world has become sickeningly toxic. If it isnt a reorg firing, simply saying something that 'may' be misconstrued is enough to terminate you. Meanwhile, smaller companies, are running laps around the behemoths who requires 9 million meetings to get anything done. I have also found that corporate loves to hire and fire, simply to meet the contract obligations for quotas,etc. I have also found that a lot of times, a team in corporate is comprised of 50% useful people, and 50% dead weight which takes 1 year or more to fire because they happen to be FT and need to go through proper 'channels'

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The problem is those companies would be forced to hire women anyways and be slammed by the IRS for being man-owned.

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And Trump owns them all.

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What a brace soul, speaking out after everyone already knows