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Feels like the Cold War all over again.

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It does.

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I have family vacationing there in property that they purchased recently. They sent me phone screenshots of the warning as soon as it hit, they said the entire neighborhood was panicking, of course Hawaii has no bomb shelters and so basically locals just said drive to the mountains away from the cities/coast... that's their emergency plan hahaha

But this is a big deal, people don't realize how big a deal this false alarm is especially since that there is a potentially serious threat that NK would do something stupid like that. To have an emergency message cry wolf like that could end up costing thousands of lives in the event that the next alert actually IS because missiles are raining down.

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True that. I wonder how much of my taxpayer money is given to whatever nigger they put behind the alert button.

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Shitting your pants in Paradise...not on my bucket list.

The last time an Asian country bombed Hawaii it didn't end well for them. they ended up with devastation, negative birth rate and inventing hentei.

This very much smells like the work of one of the chans.