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That is all it is hollow, hypocritical virtue signaling. Just like the meetoo movement doesn't care about women who have been violently raped and murdered, they only care about floozies in Hollywood who didn't get everything they want in exchange for being a slut.

I saw Judd Apatow's twitter feed this morning. Dude is in full meltdown mode over the "shithole" comment, and basically calling America and the half of its people who don't think just like him shithole racists. If you dropped him and his family into one of these countries Trump was talking about, he would be screaming in his phone at anyone who would listen to get them out of "this shithole!"

Having said that, Trump could use to choose the language he uses a little better. He could have made the same point without saying "shithole".

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He could have made the same point without saying "shithole".

there isn't even any evidence he said "shithole," this was all a rumor created by a democratic congressional aide

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It's kind of heart-warming, holding on to the idea that he did use 'shithole'.

Too bad if it turns out to be fake--it basically earned him more support because of it.

People like someone that doesn't pretend to give a fuck.

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Could have, but now he can do even worse shit while eveyone who (pertend) to care is blinded by a non issue.

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I just did what I do best. I took your little policy, and I turned it on itself. Look what I did to this country with a few campaign slogans and a couple of tweets, hmm? You know what I noticed? Nobody panics when things go according to policy. Even when the policy is horrifying. If tomorrow I told the press that, like, a world leader would be droned, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics. Because it's all part of the policy. But when I say that one little old country is a shithole, well then everybody loses their minds!

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Absolutely. Millions of starving Venezuluans, where is the Catholic church? Where are all their American latinos and latinas sending them food? Where are their Jewish friends in the media arranging huge shipments of food into the country for them? They'll talk about on the TV, sometimes. Usually they're just too busy whipping up a national frenzy because Trump said a woman was "pretty" or once, 20 years ago he allegedly asked for a lady's number, something they're now calling 'sexual assault.'

They have people marching in step, outrage to a cadence. It is synchronized self righteousness and virtue signaling to the to levels I only previously read about in sci-fi dystopian books as a kid.

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The very first google listing, if you bothered to try, is a FL charitible company giving to Venezuela and run by a Jew.


Go fuck yourself moron.

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"Donate for Hospital!"
Doesn't name the Hospital.

"Donate for Orphanage!"
Again, unidentified and unaccountable.

"100% of your donation goes to relief".
Wow. The only charity on Earth that has achieved perfect efficiency, and you found it on your first Google search.

I'm convinced. This proves to me that Jews claim to be really good people.

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The jew is most likely embezzling the money

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So had you not got your panties stuck up your own ass while fingering your own cuck pussy, maybe you would have bothered to see the comment was a slight on society in general, as in how people generally operate. They love to whine and watch TV and wear bracelets but don't like to help much. No, I don't think all Jews, latinos or whites are evil but I do think the comment is more of how people en masse act, often whine and do nothing. It's also commentary on how everyone is worked up about shit that doesn't matter. EX: I don't give a fuck what bar OJ was kicked out but I do think millions of people starving is an important issue. If you try to calm down, talk to other people, maybe you'll understand others. Then you can conversations with other people and cool shit like that! Imagine the fucking possibilities then you Gummi Raccoon Nigger Faggot! But hey, why bother actually reading something in context or looking at someone's conversation history when you can just see the word "Jew" in the post and chimp out like an angry pink gorilla? Time for the angry, SJW carebear countdown!

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he allegedly asked for a lady's number, something they're now calling 'sexual assault.'

As far as I remember Sweden or France was on its way to actually lable asking women for their number sexual assult.

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I think France only said it was sexual assault if the woman denied the advance. It doensn't make it better, but by prosecuting white people for normal interactions, and omitting henious crimes commited by migrants,it becomes clear what the end goal is

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Liberal think what they are told to think by their feeders

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Loses their minds? No.......their minds are gone. They are soulless shuffling resource consuming machines. Dear God please end this now.

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No, god. Please let the amusement continue!

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popcorn! get your popcorn here!

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The freakin memes write themselves.

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If the countries are not shithole, then can we send the "refugees" back? If the countries are not shitholes, there is no reason for anyone to leave.

Oh, sorry, I was using logic.

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How dare you use an image of Heath Ledger like Paul Hogan the mans a national treasure!

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