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I got this alert on my phone since I live in Hawaii. I thought it was bullshit. I didn't get nuked.

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You're dead dude. This is afterlife voat

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Hell ya!

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So uh, by "THIS IS NOT A DRILL" they really meant "this is a drill." Ok makes sense

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I saw this on le_squish's thread from earlier!

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A nuclear missiles inbound message can't get upvoats

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https://archive.fo/NUW7Y :

Hawaii receives 'ballistic missile threat' warning | Daily Mail Online

"The alert was written all in block capitals and read: 'BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL'.", "They vowed to get to the bottom of how such a colossal error was made. 'There is no missile threat."

'Panic spread through the state of Hawaii on Saturday morning when residents received an alert on their phones warning of a ballistic missile threat that was accidentally sent out by Civil Defense. '

'Calls from frightened residents inundated Civil Defense immediately asking for more information or advice. '

'The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency tweeted 12 minutes after the alert was issued to say it was a false alarm. '

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