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Nigger up the place, so no one will call you a monkey ever again...


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Nothing like protesting a delusional "racist" sweatshirt about being a monkey in the jungle by acting like a savage animal in a civilized storefront. I'm sure that will champion your cause even more so. Dilly Dilly.


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Dilly dilly!


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https://archive.fo/vDMJF :

H&M store trashed in ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’ row | Daily Mail Online

"Activists in South Africa have trashed H&M stores in protest at the clothing retailer’s advert for its 'coolest monkey in the jungle' hoodie that featured a black child model.", "The campaign group Models Of Diversity, which pushes for more diversification across the industry, said H&M should be 'ashamed'.", "H&M also took to Instagram to express further apology, saying: 'We understand that many people are upset about the image of the children's hoodie."

'Although many online users across the country welcomed the radical action, other warned that if H&M did abandon the country it would mean hundreds of jobs, mainly held by black people, would be lost. '

'Floyd Shivambu, spokesman for the Economic Freedom Fighters party, praised the action, saying the retailer was ‘now facing the consequences for its racism’. '

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They need to set them up. Hire private security to act like shoppers and open fire when the violence breaks out. It will only have to happen once or twice before they stop.


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here come the Gladio proxy ops disguised as social justice...

right on Q as the first Uranium One indictment is opened