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I rather live under a dictatorship like Russia than having your children being forced into sex stuff. IMHO 15 is too young to determine if you want to be a certain gender. This shit SHOULD NOT be taught in schools. I despise my tax dollars fund this degeneracy.


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This soyboy prototype had one popular song, like, what, 25 years ago or something? How is it he still gets any recognition?

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because the entire major music industry is a psyop

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Haha! Nice try. Too bad Moby is a Christian.

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You mean he's a Christian just like BH Obama is a Christian? Honestly I don't give a rats ass what religion he is but his actions tell me he's working for the enemy. That means he is working for those who want our kids to be indoctrinated with pedo propaganda. Any one who does that deserves the worst punisment that can be delivered.