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What about freedom of religious belief.

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What about freedom in general?

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Good point. You have to move to nowhere Alaska to get that.

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You are free to believe whatever stupid thing you want. But, if you live in a commonwealth you need to comply with commonwealth codes.

Here's the deal. Whatever laws they are being held to were voted upon by the commonwealth. But Amish don't vote, so, they kinda fucked themselves over on this one.

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What law says a baker has to make a cake for a faggot? Laws are applied arbitrarily and capriciously.

You are free to believe whatever stupid thing you want.

You're so cool and edgy.

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Hahaha, good one, that doesn't apply any more

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The commonwealth only wants to charge them more money. This has nothing to do with religion or health or safety.

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This effects anyone who wants to live off grid or practice other forms of sewage treatment. It's about freedom and human rights, not the Amish.

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I daresay they will tire of them in their towns posing as normal folk after 1 or 2 months. By then they can file bankruptcy, lose their jobs when they're shunned by housing in cities, and then shit on little slats of cardboard or in fast food bags and leave them at the doors of those SJW city folk who wanted them as their fodder for the week.

Face it they only want you so they can garnish your wages after the man hangs you with debt on their shingle - they already have millions of souls to sell, whats one more?

Where is @RageAgainstTheAmish when you need him?

By the time the gatorade bottles of piss start piling up, the piece of shit city people will leave them the fuck alone like for the last 2000 years and let them work in peace unmolested.

They've already driven half the fucking Smucker kids into working for Wells Fargo. What more do they fucking want? Mormon brides?


City slickers talk and do jack shit but sue one another all day. When it gets real they will call us out the damn hills to change a fucking lightbulb and no one will respond.

Maybe the snackbar soy bois will help them?

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There are decades of rulings in favor of the Amish. This ruling will have its shit pushed in later. Dont forget what the judicial system is really about. Money. The Amish have alot of it typically and tell the govt to fuck off with utilities. Utility providers are local govt extensions in essence.
Now having said all that, the Amish idolize tradition over following scripture. They set themselves apart as hermits where Christians are commanded to be the salt and light of the world. They shun everything including themselves. That is their choice, and if they dont want sewer or water that is their choice. They should be free to make those choices and see them through.

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They will take it to Supreme court level and then the government will lose.

This stupid asshat judge in that stupid as fuck small town court isn't changing 2000 years of habits and ingrained religion. These people, like us and with different causes than ours, will also die for their virtue.

You don't oppose those willing to die for their cause with your opinion.

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I dont oppose them. I disagree with them. Other than that yes I see this court ruling being overturned.

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Simply say no, and let everyone know you will defend your way of life with your 2nd amendment rights like the Bundy's did - then win millions in the trial. Fuck Government Overreach on The People's rights.

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Guns and violence are also against their religion afaik.

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Violence definitely. The weapons...not entirely.

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Starve the city motherfuckers, really - they can't keep a single fucking light on or food on their plates without us. Without us, they have no water pumped to their precious little cities - their modern plumbing systems will dry up and then they will sue one another for not having enough money to buy enough bottled water to flush. Let them keep their ill begotten constructs, made by their own hand and let the hand of God destroy them as they destroyed us. We and we alone may cut the artery that provides them all we grow and nurture.

Without us rural folk (and no I am not Amish but I still see them as part of our side for rural agriculture to stay in private hands) the city people will starve with only their stucco buildings and their nature preserved so carefully in their precious environment along with their feelings and their legal proceedings to await war. See how much they give a shit about hearing a squeak from the noisy former farmer of a neighbor or the fact that they cannot make a move without us now when there's the sounds of war outside keeping them as prisoners in their own damn homes - we'll be free ranging it.

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Don't fuck with the Amish, or you'll find yourself in the Supreme Court.

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Bad verdict by a shit judge.

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Trump needs to remove that POS.

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