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Haha, don't rely on the law. The law will never side with a child of europe.


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original article / archive copy

They were Brits, attempting to arrest Khan based on British law, and so far as I can tell their being fans of Trump is beside the point.


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They were carrying an American flag and were upset about the mayor’s anti Trump statements.


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https://archive.fo/N9LYs :

Far-Right Trump Supporters Try to Arrest London Mayor - The Daily Beast

'A group of far-right protesters holding American flags disrupted an event featuring London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Saturday, attempting to conduct a “citizen’s arrest” of the mayor after he dissed U.S. President Donald Trump. '

'The incident appeared to stem from Khan’s remarks on Trump’s planned visit to London, which he said was canceled because the American president feared widespread protests. '

'The protesters, believed to be members of the White Pendragons group, accused Khan of “subverting the English constitution” and demanded he be arrested. '

'Khan’s speech on gender equality at the Fabian Society was delayed by several minutes as police ushered the demonstrators out of the building, according to multiple reports. '

'They were escorted out by police after several minutes of their “non-violent” protest. '

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