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I really want to like this, but the way it is written is just too cheesy.


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A night in jail could have been set up in the courtroom itself with a cot and a guard at the door. An easy way to handle the PTSD. But then you would not have the drama of the activist judge making news would we?


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I thought this was headed toward a gay hookup.


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Well - humanity is cheesy you fucking callous goats.

This is a good example of how a Government SERVANT makes an impact.


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His scariest moment was when he was riding with three other soldiers along a creek when the road gave way, and the vehicle plunged into the water. The truck started filling with water and “all hope was lost.”

Serna was trapped and unable to move, the water rose all the way up to his chin where it finally stopped. He was the only one saved that day. “I was the sole survivor,” he recalled with tears in his eyes.

This would be a fairly nerve-racking experience.


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Cheesy story. But it’s good to see our veterans being taken care of.

One thing I can sort of see as a reoccurring theme is that men who went to war prior to Vietnam were different. They dealt with life. After Vietnam ... something happened ... PTSD became a serious problem that you let everybody know about.


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Yea. It's called beginning to diagnose the problem not just calling it "shell shock". If you think those guys didn't have the same problems you're lying to yourself. Before you say shit, i'm wondering if you ever served and if you have PTSD? If not maybe don't try and talk about a problem you don't know shit about. You're coming off like a real smug bitch.


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Did you serve in The Korean War?

I am always thankful for the people who have served.

I just made an observation and you went off on a different topic. To make it clear for you: men of yesterday were made of different metal than men who came after them. They have similar experiences but handle them differently. Modern society is all about pampering while back then it was about sucking it up and moving forward.

I guess you prefer the entitlement and gibs society of today because that is where your comment is located.

Smug? Prove where I shit on our soldiers before making accusations.


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There's a bond. It cannot be verbalized. It's something you recognize when it's been branded on you. You can recognize it on others. It's primal.

This wasn't a judge. This was a man. Doing what he was trained to do. Reflexively. When your a fighter you pull a team mate to his feet even if you were the one who put him down. The military doesn't program you. It deprograms you. It shaves away the shit and reveals the bravery, honor, pride, and duty. It reveals a man.

This world needs men.