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They keep trying to fight Darwin with irritating laws, but if you try to idiot-proof society, society just makes a better idiot.

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Almost like Darwin evolution of stupidity. LOL

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I don't agree with eating Tide Pods, but I do agree with one's right to eat a Tide Pod should they so desire.

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I’ve never eaten one, but I encourage the movement. Maybe next people will be eating urinal cakes out of methy truck stop bathrooms. That will make for some interesting news I bet.

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If you eat laundry detergent, you are a moron. I don't care what age you are.

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"Tide Pods. Great for whites, colors, and the gene pool"

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I do not understand the pods at all. It costs around $.45-$.75 per load for the pods. It costs around $.15 per load for liquid detergent and just about a nickle for powdered detergent. Even if you include fabric softener and dryer sheets and 10 cents for the fuck of it you still don't hit the cost of using pods.

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You just described the reason the pods exist. Tide makes more money off idiots who think those things are better. They can draw from the normal market of people who understand what you just typed out (while still not understanding there are better cheaper alternatives to Tide) and they can draw from the retard market from people who like plastic colorful candy looking detergent pods. Why draw, say $5 across the board when there are some people dumb enough to pay $7 and you can still sell to those willing to only pay $5

It's the same reason the detergent lines on those scoop cups are way higher than what you'd actually need to wash your clothes. They make more from people who actually believe them

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And of course tide is actually just one of the 999999 brands owned by P&G.. People are buying tons of things from the 2 big product comanpies (P&G and Unilever) and don't even realize it because they purposely make tons of different brands to make it look like people aren't buying every thing from the same 2 companies, but they are..

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Actually, when the pods were first introduced they caused a net loss in profits. Sales of detergent by volume went down overall, as people were finally not using too much detergent. Child-proofing a home isn't easy, but detergent is far from the only thing you have to sequester from curious young ones.

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they are good if you travel alot for work but my job pays for them

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fair enough, market segmentation

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Only (((they))) bother to do that kind of math. What are you trying tell us?

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I use pods because they're convenient. It's just easier than taking a whole bottle or box of detergent to the laundry mat.

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........you're not actually serious are you? if it's liquid take it in small containers. if it's dry put it in a bag. no wonder tide makes bank.

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We should really encourage people to cull themselves off if they're stupid enough to do it. I say we remove all warning labels and let nature take its course.

edit: spelling

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Thinning of the herd.

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Darwin Awards.

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