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Think it's a shithole? Nope. KNOW it's a shithole. Yep.

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Love this guy's stuff. Follow him, nothing but red pill after red pill.

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Shadow banned in 3 2 1...

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Oh dude, I'm sure of it. I put all sorts of shit out there, only follow NS and Jew haters.

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Nowadays a hashtag has taken the place of doing something that could actually help , like having a food drive at the local church and sending a shipment of essentials to a natural disaster area, or donating money to the red cross, now it is all hashtags and Facebook portrait filters.

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Hashtags = thoughts and prayers

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In other words "virtue signaling"

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There's nothing virtuous about telling Democrats, we do not owe Haitian citizens anything. But it's the right thing to do. Don't send food to these countries or any type of help, all it will do is lead to massive dependency and starvation. They must develop on their own.

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Good if you feed those fuckers they will just have more peasant kids. Thats the last fuckin thing we need

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You are absolutely correct! It seems that is all the effort they will put into the matter. It is more important for them to denounce President Trump to anyone who will listen. Meanwhile, the Haitian shithole gets worse by the hour! And the Haitians? Somehow they will continue to blame the white race for the condition of their own fucking country!

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Evidence of Hatian stupidity; they cut ALL the trees down; no new forests! https://i.imgur.com/u3DrV.jpg

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I feel a bit sorry for the people of Haiti, but i's their country and their problem, not ours.

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To be honest there would be a few problems less if Killery wouldn't fuck shit up, Hillary is a crabby nigger.

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So much whine over calling a spade a spade... Fuck Haiti. It's getting everything it deserves.

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If those loons could call a spade a spade, they wouldn't be what they are.

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calling a spade a spade


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They genocided all of the French colonists and are literally eating dirt "cookies" 200 years later.


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Hey South Africa, you paying attention?

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It's still a gold mine for organ traffickers.

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...and apparently pedos . . .

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