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In other words, Mexico is a shithole country

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Baja chill tho

Good fishing.

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I can appreciate some fishing.

Im sure there are some decent places in Mexico but Im not going there voluntarily without a firearm

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...the difference is that Syria is getting better - could we convince the Russians to have a look at improving Mexico too?

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those "moderate rebels" who were "fighting ISIS" under obama were the same as ISIS, its just that that day they wore different uniforms then ISIS

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Great site I found a couple of years ago. http://mexicovacationawareness.com/news.html

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If you go, buy some meth and low quality heroin, tell them you'll be back and thanks for the drugs. Don't bring anything valuable. Should be OK. And insult trump.

All jokes aside, I'm tired of Mexican influence. Just quit my job in oceanside, CA because working with a whole team of Mexicans is not working out. I only got the job because I'm white and the employer wants not a whole staff(just my job there) of Mexicans.

Moving back to previous state in march. Southern California is a shithole

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stop capitalizing words you dont need to you fucker

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And not undeservedly so. The body count racked up by the Narcos can seem absurd when you consider that Mexico effectively borders a first-world nation.

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That's some 'shit hole' reporting there I'd say.................

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Common sense...

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