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[–] Cheesebooger 4 points 8 points (+12|-4) ago  (edited ago)

This nigger loving whore is absolutely right! If Trump turns out to be just another globalist jew-owned idiot then I can see America falling into utter chaos. Amnesty = revolution/civil war. I'm still a little peeved after what I saw from him Tuesday. He wont have a snowballs chance in hell 2020 if he flakes now. Coal miners are still waiting too. He's done good with helping us to destroy the media but what else has he done?? I think he is all about jews and Israel and America and we the people do not matter.

But then again, who in their right mind would ever trust a NY billionaire?? haha I can never have respect for someone who inherited everything. I just cant.


[–] Gimmemymoney 2 points 8 points (+10|-2) ago 

We need Ron Paul.


[–] Cheesebooger 6 points 1 points (+7|-6) ago 

He's a strange little duck but I would've rather had him then Trumpsteinberg.


[–] wtfeva 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

He didn't destroy the media. They played their part. Do you really think that the left is that stupid? Yeah. It's fun to think so, but chainsaw attachments and reporting on white panel trucks???

No. Media is and was always a distraction from real events. He's hilariously made them change their "profile" but they never were intended to report real news to citizens in a looong time. They are just those wingmans trying to keep us looking at squirrels while making sure we don't cockblock.


[–] Cheesebooger 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago 

Dude, the media got rekt. There's no coming back from it.