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That's the strangest thing of the whole saga. He was basically arguing for non-discriminatory hiring policies.

When I read his 'manifesto' along with the reply from the HR manager, it was the condescending, dismissive and basically dumb reply from the HR person that really struck me. I thought, well everyone is going to see this for what it is, it's just too obvious how ideologically blinkered this woman is, to the point where she can't even behave rationally.... but no, the exact opposite happened.

As a side note, the article talks about 'to the left of Marx and Lenin' and I just had to nitpick. If you're writing articles don't reference things you don't understand. It just reflects badly on the rest of what you're saying.


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The leftists WANT racism and sexism. They just want it to be against whites and males. There is a reason they get triggered you point out the problems with BLM and affirmative action


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They also like the really extreme, irrational kind of racism that you find here on voat. It poisons the well for anyone looking at non-leftist ideas and keeps the believers from questioning the liberal dogma.


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The white left are a training exercise for the people being imported.