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This will amount to exactly nothing. All these rural companies have been getting MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars for literally decades. They just pocket the money.

Frontier Communications has gotten subsidies that everyone in my county could retire to Manhattan - not that we would want to. It took them over 10 years to put in ONE DSL trunk. It was actually pretty decent for the first 6 months. For the last 5 years it has been nominally unusable with less than 100KB download speed - very very often 0KB. If you call to complain they say THE link is oversubscribed and there are no plans to fix it.

This is just more good money after bad. If they really want to fix Internet access tell the telcos they will lose their exclusive monopoly if they don't provide service. (the better plan of course is to just eliminate all the monopolies nationwide, but one pipe dream at a time please.)

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The problem with eliminating monopolies is how do you make companies compete when the whole industry acts like a cartel?

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They've been putting in lines for rural areas for the past 2 years like crazy

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shit source, use better ones

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Agreed, had to google to make sure it was true. It is.

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Nah - obama tried this too. doesn't work

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Trump tends to do a better job than obummer

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Trump is a Very Stable Genius

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Totally agree. But there is no answer for this - other than much improved cellular data networks. Traditional broadband infrastructure doesn't make sense in these very rural areas, otherwise it would already be there. Its a cost/benefit thing.

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I actually benefit from this. I live in a rural area, yet I get dedicated fiber to the house (fuck comcast & at&t). I pay for 100Mb down, 25Mb up - but can get 1Gig down/100Mb up if I wanted to pay the extra $50/mo.

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Unless he stands behind them with a gun, no ISP will invest in cabling rural America.

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Or money. No subscriber billing would ever pay the costs involved.

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Correction, No ISP will invest in improving anything unless forced to, rural or otherwise.

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and liberals will shit on him for it.

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No Trump, no KKK, no broadband USA!