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When company says "theft" is a problem they don't only mean shoplifting.They are also talking about ongoing brake-ins into tractor trailers and storage facilities then goods are being transported.Sure,insurance will cover that but they will also up insurance rates or will drop client if not profitable enough.Hiring private security isn't an answer-sometimes they can become problem all by itself. How do I know this?Truckers talk,so do subcontractors to shipping companies.The same problem can be found in many places in US and Canada.Later on politicians are wondering out loud how come groceries cost more in black neighborhoods than any other.They are paying extra partly due to higher cost of transportation/insurance/security.

Any truck driver driving thru Chicago or Detroit (and many other places) knows this very well.


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We don't know what would happen in ancapistan. But I think it would be likely the nig nogs would be shot dead. Owners of fixed assets and real-estate don't want liabilities around hurting their propertie's value. At some point it becomes profitable to gun down nig nogs, block them and deport them.

probably deport. most obvious profitable choice, shoot if trespass continue.

edit: depotation most profitable because it's legal within ancapistan's market law to no longer consent to someone being on your property and tell them to get out. Civil war and feuds are expensive for both sides. You wouldn't want to mess with someone's insurance, but maybe there will only be few who will offer insurance to niggers or at too high prices for most bad niggers because the demographic group would be ''expensive to insure''


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Ideally, yeah. But you can't shoot someone in defense of property anywhere outside of Texas . . .