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So the guy was a driver for hollywood studio executives, and he had a day care in his house. So he drove around important people from a movie studio, and had a house full of little kids. Conveniently offs himselfs and his entire household just as hollywood sex scandals are making the news. Yikes


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An interesting idea. It's moments like these that make people use critical thinking and to consider the juxtaposition of everything lately, which leads to a logical conclusion. Although not absolute, I'd say most families.who run a daycare could be trusted, happy individuals who see life for it's beauties and can find reason to not only live, but to strive. So what would cause this to happen? I know crazy exists.... but signs usually show before an act such as this. The only signs I see, that you also pointed out, are that of the sex scandals coming about.

Of course this is not absolute... but it does make me think the two facts that he ran a day care AND was constantly around hollywood "elites" (or what have you) are very related to his apparent murder suicide.

And on the other hand, as a second thought just now as i typed "apparent"... maybe he didnt murder anyone. Maybe all 4 of these people were murdered. Cant be too hard to make someone look like a murderer and suicide vicitm nowadays.

Edit: i'm honestly considering that second idea now. How possible could a cover up be? With all we know about the vegas shootings, sandy hook, 9/11.... a murder suicide must be an easy job for whatever 3 letter agency that pulls these stunts.


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Driver knows , is threatened , doesn’t play ball, a convienient murder suicide and the police are satisfied . All in a days work.


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Poor guy must have saw the new Star Wars movie. All jokes aside it was the responsible thing for him to do. It would be simpler if all these sick fucks acted the same.


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When is the last time you knew a driver or a SAHM working part time paid enough to afford a single family residence in Los Angeles County?

Like this guy. They all say they have a normal job and a media business. I'd say dig a little and you'd find that their real job is to be crisis actors in residential neighborhoods, then start the films rolling and the live streams when the heads start hitting the sidewalk.

Hollywoood isn't known for paying lavish sums to grunts like drivers and grip boys. Something is really fucking up in California and the police and officials are being paid off by Muslims plotting another 9-11 style attack. The officials whose homes burnt in Ventura county already pinned the record fires on Edison even as they host middle eastern nationals in their own homes like kin. Just you wait. These people have money, tons of it from some source that no one knows about. And it isn't a side gig or a back support job in Hollywood. Even the police do their bidding. They have these huge homes and then they snap - yet the media only ever talks about how they work as a teacher or a fucking chauffer? Bullshit.


If they're these huge, highly paid celebrity film people then why the fuck aren't they known? They are famous for filming terror attacks and streaming it overseas - not making media for little kids at Knotts every Halloween. They swear they travel for their jobs but they are always in hot hostile riot zones when shit pops off and then they somehow pull a fucking house worth 600k out of their ass in each of these locations and still manage to move to a new one twice per year?

My husband and I bust our fucking asses 14 hours a day and we scrape the bottom just for a tiny apartment. No way these people made their money doing honest work. No fucking way.

I was unaware that the B-list horror movie industry was so lucrative.

So news media really think the public buys this shit about his feel good dayjob? Horse SHIT.

These motherfuckers are war troops, here to make war and kill Americans while their country pays them to live here as condemned suicide serial killers and die by the sword and to fuck as many people as they can in the process as publicly as they can.

They will marry into your family to kill you without being caught as a war criminal murdering your people. They will work a normal job and go back to their huge house that only millionaires and upper income business owners can afford and leave you wondering how the fuck they afford it in their shit job while you slave away for peanuts on the dollar.

They park their luxury car in their garage by day and drive a shitty beater by day to fool you. Beware.


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That's an interesting idea. Absolutely baseless, but interesting.