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As a beekeeper, this pisses me off more than I would have imagined. If someone did this to my hives I would seriously consider murder. When someone loses their bees, you can't just buy new ones one-for-one; the genetic adaptations that those bees have developed for that area are gone. That's years of work erased and unable to be perfectly recreated.

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Research the "Zombee" epidemic. Some small fly lays eggs on the back of the bee and the larvae eat the bee and kill it.

The ants love to eat the larvae.


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I'm really sorry for your loss. Did you ever discover what the cause was? It wasn't the ants was it? I've never heard of ants wiping out a hive like that. The closest I've ever seen was when one of my hives became infested with tiny argentine ants that were too small for the bees to sting. There was a continuous line of them going into and out of the hive, steadily stealing their honey. I wound up getting new legs for the hive which was harder for the ants to climb (originally I was just using a cinder block) and surrounded the legs with ant powder to get rid of them. I read that using a tin with a bit of oil under each leg works much better though.