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Instead of yelling about illegals and blacks voting by the bus loads. Voters should be yelled msg about the voting machines of fraud indeed took place.

As election integrity activists pointed out in court on the day before the election, each time a ballot is run through the type of vote-counting machine used in Alabama, a digital image of the ballot is produced which is then stored in memory. This is an additional audit feature which the manufacturers of the machines built into them. By simply reviewing the ballot images, citizens can verify that the machines were not hacked, which it has been shown is easy to do.

Rather than call for Secretary of State John Merrill to post the ballot images, as election activists across the country are calling for after every election, they harp on voter fraud.

Secretary of State Merrill is fighting tooth and claw to destroy the ballot images.

Moore supporters should demand that Merrill post the ballot images online, or make them available on a DVD. Because the images are completely anonymous, they cannot be traced back to any individual voter, and the principle of the secret ballot is preserved. But the secret ballot never meant secret counting. If Moore supporters were any smarter, they'd be dangerous to the status quo.