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WHY THE FUCK do GOP politicians want amnesty? The "new voters" are gonna vote about 95% dems you dumb stunned cunts.

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The Politico article was not able to say that Kelly made any offer to the pro-amnesty Senators — despite the author’s pro-immigration stance.


President Donald Trump laid down his popular immigration promises during the 2016 election and issued another set of principles in October. Those promises include no amnesty for years, while the October principles demanded that any congressional deal stop the hugely expensive practice of chain-migration and also end visa lottery. Trump’s officials and deputies — including Kelly — are also emphasizing those goals in their public and private statements.

So he is meeting with them. Maybe it is to get them on board with the DACA plan laid out by Tillis. The one where "dreamers" have to get in line, and the only bone we throw them is that the ones in school/military with no criminal records don't have to leave while they wait.