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What's Sessions going to do about it? Recuse himself, assign a Clinton-ista or Obama appointment to "investigate" the matter and then fully exonerate and grant immunity just for good measure.


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Sessions is a little swamp nigger himself, I'm not buying what he's selling.


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Two words. Mara wona


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and just like all good insurance schemes, it failed when the conditions were met.


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.... Nice.... now let us get some Autism on this and see how fucked wonderland is looking right about now lol.


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It's getting to the point where vigilante justice needs to start happening.


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these assholes need to hang for treason..but nothing will happen as usual.

its sickening.


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Prison doesn't begin to describe the fate that every fucking one of these people deserve.


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When it happens, i feel torture will be in order. Preferably in the form of human testing for my liking.


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This, this right here is the deep state. The FBI needs to be dismantled.


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Thanks Obama.

This is what happens when you have 8 years of a nigger muslim commie president hell bent on destroying us all. He got his traitors in place, you've got to give him that. Now they all need to hang. It's past time for a military sweep of the entire lot.


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The Romans tried the military sweep you suggest. A great reformer named Sulla threw the rascals out and brought peace and good government to Rome.

But in doing so he created a tradition and apparatus for doing such things using the legions. And 30 years later Julius Caesar picked up that apparatus and used it to destroy the Roman Republic. The ruination was so complete that the entire West fell into the dark ages.

It is better to reform a crappy but stable government than to replace it with something unstable.


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I don't think you really get it. If we don't survive the Muslim Horde out to conquer us, it's pretty much game over and that sort of long term thinking doesn't pan out because frankly we're all toast. Allah's Snackbar and all that.

Look at Europe. They threw open the gates to the ancient invader who's never NOT had an ax to grind with us. This shouldn't be a Democrat vs Republican thing. Holy shit it's worse than 'muh Russians', at this point the fucking Russians are probably one of our best chances of survival.

It's amazing at how much of a puppet show has been going on. If this last voter demographic is true, the sex scandal thing burned the GOP in the south because frankly it's CHRISTIAN and those people get nuts over that sort of thing. Right? Easy hack there when it comes to eroding support. I'm pretty surprised that they were so easily duped into staying home and not voting.

If they did get out and their vote is being stolen, they need to go batshit Southern Style over it. Fuck, I'll come down and join you if it goes off the hooks sideways and becomes a thing. I love catfish, ribs, pork, gater, I'll make myself at home off the flora and fauna and ...I'll probably expire to exposure as all old retarded fucks do when they go off on adventures.

Moonshine. Yes.....

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It's not their feefees. These people all want a few hundred thousand wired to their bank accounts for sham elections and whatnot.

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