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because it was probably another false flag, lead by cia brainwashing some poor sap susceptible to such suggestions. seems like it always is.


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Now that I can believe. Who really goes out and just kills random people? If you’re pissed at someone you’re not gonna take it out on random strangers. Like school shootings, they make absolutely no fucking sense unless a person was provoked into doing it by some unseen person or group. Remember the contractor who shot up a shipyard office in DC a few years ago? He was complaining about a group of people following him and putting thoughts in his head. Same with the guy who checked his gun on a plane trip and went to the baggage pickup in FL and started shooting. He went to an FBI office before that happened with the same story. Nothing to see here but terrorism... move along.


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look up the interesting history of the r.e.m. song 'what is the frequency kenneth?'

one note on that, don't go to wikipedia, because they lie about the songs origins, which r.e.m. themselves have said in an interview i saw... that some guy went up to an dan rather and beat him up saying that over and over again. they claimed someone was broadcasting into their heads and they wanted to know the frequency.

but nobody seems to have followed up, culprits never found.

found one link for it