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It was a 37 yr old Bangladeshi. I don't remember any US military ops in Bangladesh, nope, no drone strikes either. I do happen to remember various generic muslim slime deliberately murdering Bangladeshi civilians in Bangladesh for such things as writing articles, being Hindu, and not being violent muslims. Usually murder by Machete. Fuck your feelings you double-thinking cunt.


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so you didn't get hit by us, big fucking whoop. there are plenty that have.

the double think comes out of your mouth.

your like, because they didn't do it to me... it didn't happen. wtf.

and why is that i had a roommate from bangladesh and he never commented about that. for 2 years i lived with him.

so you can't tell me that all muslims are crazed murderers.

it is almost like my life set me up to be in a position to talk about these things. amazing.


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If your Bangladeshi room mate was a nice guy or girl and a muslim, then learn what Taqiya is. He/she was either practicing taqiya, or wasn't a true believer, or not a muslim at all.
No I didn't say that Ill muslims are crazed murderers, you are putting words in my mouth. Only the True Believers are crazed murderers. They are, and always have been most of the problem.

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