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I have an honest question. I am not trolling.

Do you care?

As in: Do you really care?

I don't.

I left the west over 20 years ago and and what I see in the news shocks me, it truly does. I left one of those northern English towns that now have the paki rape gangs. I worked out 30 years ago that it was a no contest and that I stood no chance. So I left.

But. I cannot say I care. IF and it is not a real if, but IF I went back west,I would have to get into politics.

But really OP (again an honest question) what are you doing about any of this? Besides shitposting.

I am genuinely interested in your answer.


[–] QuestionEverything 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Hey. Troll fucker. How about you stop bitching about peoples posts. He obviously cares. he took the time to point it out in a public forum.. Then YOU: Hey, i'm not trolling, but who cares?

I'm genuinely telling you, fuck off troll.


[–] littlemissfister 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

Eat shoit and die. Go back to reddit, little girl And an extra FUXK off noob, I asked OP.



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Well, when i read the article, it genuenly angered me.

Firstly, the damage to the retard has been done. He will fear people like a battered lost dog for the rest of his life. Tho that isn't going to change regardless of any harsh sentence.

Secondly, the ultra-niggers whose existence is literally pointless are getting away with it.

Third, and this angered me tho most....nothing happens to the literal cuckold omega male judge who not only deliberately abused his position of power to dispense injustice, instead of justice; but he gets to sleep at night convinced that he has done the world some kind of service.

Nothing makes me angry more than weak white men. The niggers i understand. They are like a rabid hyena. You shoot it in the face and your safety has been ensured. No feelings, no revenge, just.....survival.

Finally, the life of a proud white man has been effectively extinguished as after 15 years in prison, he will have NOTHING in this world. He will be a 40+ year old "convict" who can no longer ever get a job and get his life together. How will he find a wife as a 40+ year old convict living on the street? It is as if he was sentenced to death. If he even survives all the paki shanks in prison. And all he did was fight for his country. That was his crime.

If i had 4 bullets and a flame thrower, it would be the niggers that get shot, but the weak white traitors that get the slow burn.

As for what i'm dong to change it? Nothing. Because the solution might be this, but i live in a smaller country in EU that has yet not experienced nether the niggers, nor the sandniggers, nor the feminists nor the jews, and my only hope is that enough of my countrymen see the horrors before it establishes a foothold here. I am spoon fed the degeneracy of the US and UK because they own the internet. I try to avoid it as much as i can, my posting history reflects that. But you cant escape it 100%.

But i am not going to travel to the west and die in a gunfight for them. I would do it only in my country. My tribe. They will have to gun they way out them selves.


[–] UchihaMadara 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

But i am not going to travel to the west and die in a gunfight for them. I would do it only in my country. My tribe. They will have to gun they way out them selves.

You're not going to do shit, fat ass. All you do is post on voat all day long every day.


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where'd you move


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probably teaching Engrish in China or worse selling his ass to some A-rab in dubai/Qatar


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V4 and it is very nice.