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The rohinga have nothing to do with the middle east. They're a Burmese ethnic group that the Burmese government is ethnically cleansing at this moment, you know, raping and torturing children then murdering them, the whole bit.

These people have literally less than nothing to do with anything in the middle-east. They're poor subsistence villagers in the jungle in the middle of nowhere with a modern army after them because they're not buddhist. The pope is apologising because he visited Burma and and no-one is doing shit to protect these people despite the fact that everyone knows what's happening.

It's the same old shit like south Sudan, Rwanda, the Kurds under Saddam, where all the surrounding countries sit back and watch and go 'Well, it's terrible , our heart goes out these people! But what could we possibly do?' "HEY LOOK AT THIS MUTHAFUCKA HERE THREATENING TO NATIONALISE THE OIL INDUSTRY!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T YOU FUCKIN TOUCH OUR FRIEND'S PROFITS CUNT!!!!!!!"

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According to the Burmese military. According to historians and archeologists they've definitely been there since at least the 14th century (when the burmese invaded the area) and possibly as far back as the 9th.


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All you're doing is spouting the MSM line. You know nothing about how they came in and multiplied over the years. Once they started achieving local majorities, the usual Muslim atrocities began in earnest. Driving Burmese out of their lands. Beheading Buddhist monks. Attacking and destroying border posts so more of their ilk could come in. The triggering event was the brutal rape and murder of a pregnant woman.

It took a heck of a lot to drive peaceful Buddhists to this, but they did it. There is no living peacefully with Muslims once they have the numbers. Their religion tells them that they are superior and that the idolaters (such as Buddhists) are to be treated with contempt and killed.

They brought it on to themselves.


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Dude, that's all propaganda. Those peoples have lived in the area for centuries, even the British recorded their presence in the 1800's when they held Burma as a colony. You're dismissing it because the MSM are saying it but then repeating the Burmese Military line, the same people that kept the country a backwards shithole military dictatorship for decades.


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you bots are completely disintegrating