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As a fellow goat said, they are confusing trolling with cyber bullying, wich I see completely ok to regulate.


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So, this is probably a generational thing. I'm from a time when bullying was getting your ass kicked by other people. It was a rite of childhood, and how you dealt with it defined who you were as an adult. I'm not sure I would have been able to stand up for myself as an adult i not for the painful lessons learned behind the school yard.

Perhaps it's a better age that kids now worry more about people being mean to them with words. Society changes. Sometimes it's for the good, sometimes worse. Here's why, however, I don't see a role for the police when it comes to cyber bullying.

First, you need to learn how to deal with problems on your own. If your response is to go running to an authority figure, you'll grow up thinking that all solutions come authority. You rely upon the benevolence of a system to keep you safe from harm. Truth is, the only person a man can rely on is himself. Sometimes the world is tough and people are mean. Learning to stand in defiance against the universe is a valuable life skill.

Bigger issue, however, is that once you give the state the ability to regulate speech for a "good" reason, you can be sure as hell that down the road they'll use it for the wrong reasons. There's not a crime against humanity that hasn't had behind it good intentions.


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I agree with everything you said here. But I'll offer a devils advocate cavieat: Getting bullied in real life is a small interaction, you get beaten by a few guys and you heal. Getting bullied from the internet doesn't get you hurt, but not many kids are equipped to deal with several hundred kids calling them names or shunning them or attacking them and their family verbally.

Us adults are a little more difficult to rattle with some internet arsehole taking the piss, a kid is more emotional, more reactional. If you get a lot of people in to really crush a little kid on the internet you can cause a cascade where people come in from around the globe to get a word in. It's not very common, but I've seen it happen, there's documented events online.

That said should it be a matter that requires a law? I don't think so personally, even as a kid who grew up bullied into multiple depression fueled suicide attempts at the age of 17 through 22. I've moved on, grown up, if you start blanket protecting children with full blown laws dictating their view then all your doing is conditioning a generation into a government mandated horse blinkers.


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I don't think I have ever seen this more eloquently put.

This is exactly the way I view it. I can't even add anything. All I know is that when I try to convey this message to someone with the opposite mindset, I get too frustrated to create any informative argument and I just end up spewing some jargon about how over protected this generation of kids are.

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Problem is that not everyone reacts with "strenght" to bullying over the years, lots of people end being abusers themselves, or fall into drugs or even suicide. I'm not defending the overprotection or giving more control to the "nanny governments", but speaking as a kid who's been abused, and knowing some people that has to deal with big problems derived from their past with bullying, I think that a bit of protection to the worst cases could be beneficial.

Police/governmet won't protect you for your "friends" laughing at you in class or facebook, but getting protection from more serious threats can stop the train for going downhill.


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Lol or people could man the fuck up and get over it...


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How to handle cyber bullies in one step:

Turn the computer off.


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If you're allowing your behavior to be changed by pixels on a screen, you're playing right into the pixels' hands.