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let us take nestle, for example. they use slave labor, seek to control the water supply, and basically bad people.

what was your question again?

So corporations are groups of people collectively applying their economic power to drive market forces in directions that are advantageous to the common good of the group. Agreed?

hmm, they clearly are not seeking the good of everyone and only seeking to enrich themselves at our expense.

So what's your point? What "group of people" should we not be so concerned with and should instead redirect our energies at elected board members and/or their represented share holders?

if your only goal is getting rich at the expense of others, that is a bad thing.

next example, microsoft. they make mediocre software at best. i personally saw them destroy Bungie, the company that made Halo. they walked in when Halo 95% complete, bought the company out under the pretext that it would release halo for the macintosh. but that didn't happen, they screwed bungie over and only put it on the xbox.

ok that one isn't so bad. but i loved the macintosh years ago. now i think apple is just the flip side of microsoft, gotta have 'competition' .. but it is all contrived. it isn't a real competition, bill gates and steve jobs are friends (i don't think steve-o is dead, but who knows). those two jackass are just playing a game, if you notice everything is reversed between the mac and the pc. the mac is the intelligent one, built from the ground up, pc is built like a house with two thousand architechs all deciding on different rooms, having rooms developed by different people then jammed together. but anyway, they were always 'favored' it was no accident that bill gates was a millionaires son and got the contract with ibm.

anyway, why are they bad? because they try and drive out all the competition, linux isn't even real competition, because it is the bastard child of the mach kernel. linus wasn't a good student, his teacher thought he was a fool, well he did manage to create a product, but one based on a shitty kernel idea that was known to be shitty. the mach (micro) kernel was a far better approach... so basically we have three bastard OS version and each on created by the bastards that control the system. ah man this got of the rails...

lol, but seriously, if you can see what is happening around you to individual businesses, if you are really lacking vision to how the individuals are losing their opportunity to be their own boss as the walmart, home depot, and targets of the world run family run business out of business...

let me draw you a mental picture that includes a funnell for all that wealth that is transfer out of communities and into the hands of people far, far away... and no longer give a shit about the little league team, no longer give a shit about city issues because the people with the money no longer live in the cities.

it really is like that, and it is all made possible by corporations that pac-man up every fucking thing in existence.


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So you quoted my questions then failed to answer. Are you having a discussion or just proselytizing?

In my first question I asked if we could agree on a term and definition. I specifically said "common good of the group" and you replaced group with "everyone". Disingenuous my friend. Please reread and respond.

My second question was what group should we NOT be so concerned with. You made it very clear from your OP that you think we should focus on ambiguous corporations, so that's not what I was asking. Didn't need your anecdotes. You insinuate that we instead spend our energies on the wrong targets. I'm asking who you think those wrong targets are.

But since you are so focused on the evil greedy corporations, who do we target? The hired executives? The elected board members? Or the voting share holders?

And what's your solution? But we can reach that concluding message later in the conversation, so hold off on that one.


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But since you are so focused on the evil greedy corporations, who do we target? The hired executives? The elected board members? Or the voting share holders?

i'm saying that corporations that aren't centered in being for the greater good are bad.

And what's your solution?

don't allow organizations that are centered in greed. all corps in wall street fall under this category. not saying all are 'evil' but that is the propensity.